Kayak Storage Bags (16 Products)

Kayak Storage Bags

Whether inside or out, long-term or short, eventually you’ll have to find a place to store your kayak when it’s not on the water. While indoors is almost always best, it isn’t always feasible to put your kayak in the living room. For the rest of us who will be subjecting our boats to the elements by storing it outside, a kayak storage bag is the perfect solution! Not only will a kayak cover extend the life of your boat by keeping it clean and protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but it will also deter insects and other small critters from making their home in your boat. Perfect for hardshell and inflatable kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and other watercraft, a storage bag will keep your boat ready for the water for whenever you are.

Most kayak and canoe covers are made with a heavy-duty waterproof and breathable fabric that is designed to resist UV light, mildew, and damage from insects and animals. The cover is generally slipped over the boat and zipped or cinched closed. Integrated carry handles make loading and unloading a breeze. Kayak storage covers are great for transport, too, as they keep your boat free of dead bugs that build up on the ride to the river. The generous cut of these bags can turn your cockpit into a large hatch for accessories such as paddles and PFDs during transport or storage.

When storing your watercraft outside, a kayak storage bag will add years of life to the shell of your boat by resisting the cracking and fading that comes with years of fun in the sun. These covers will also protect against rain and snow from collecting in the boat during both storage and transport. Despite being a water sport, it’s never any fun shoving off while sitting in a wet seat. It’s even less fun to find out that your boat has been occupied by a creepy-crawly, especially once you’re out on the water.

If you have to put your boat up for just a few days or for the entire season, there’s no better way to protect it outdoors than a kayak cover! Check out our selection of top-quality options from brands such as Dannu, NRS, and more!