Drysuits for Kayaking & Paddling

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Check out our huge selection of drysuits for kayaking! Stay warm and dry with a rafting or kayak dry suit. You can filter by price range, size, gender, brand, or color to find your perfect paddling suit.

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Stay Warm & Dry With Our Dry Suits for Kayaking, Paddling, and Rafting

You love paddling, you love the water, you love the great outdoors - but do you really love being soaking wet and freezing? Chances are, you’d prefer to stay warm and dry while doing what you love - which is why you can’t leave today without grabbing a kayak drysuit for the next time you’re paddling in aggressive water or cold temperatures!

These differ a bit from kayak wetsuits (which are essential in their own regard) in that kayak drysuits are more loose-fitting, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of. Plus, these keep your kayak clothing like layering shirts and layering pants dry without providing too much insulation that has you sweating before you even start paddling!

Here at Outdoorplay, you’ll find the best dry suit collection online - curated by us and featuring the top brands in the industry.

Why Buy Your Rafting or Kayaking Dry Suit At Outdoorplay?

We have a myriad of different breathable, waterproof dry suits including Gore-Tex kayak drysuits to choose from. These are comfortable to wear all day long - not just while you’re actually in the water. The materials used in these rafting dry suits allow your skin to breathe - and sweat to wick out of the material. These also work great for Stand-Up Paddling!

We even offer some kayak dry suit that feature built-in dry socks - saving you an additional purchase on kayak socks! A good pair of water shoes will protect these socks and should be considered. Other models have a special waist that will accommodate the tunnel of a whitewater spray skirt.

With our kayaking dry suit, you’ll be prepared for anything the day throws at you - and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your boating day on the water without worrying about freezing temperatures or soaking wet clothes.

Plus, you’ll enjoy a price match guarantee across all the different dry suits we offer here. If someone else offers the drysuit you want for less, show us – and we’ll match it. We even offer free shipping on your order over $49! And with a 100% money-back guarantee, you can shop in confidence knowing your purchase is backed up with a hassle-free return policy.

Grab The Rest Of The Gear To Go With Your Rafting or Kayak Dry Suit!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your kayaking dry suit today and the rest of your kayak gear right here at Outdoorplay! As you may already know, we have all the accessories you need to fully enjoy paddling, including all the different types of kayaks for sale. That includes:

On top of all this, we offer full-blown kayaks, storage essentials, paddles - you name it, you’ll find it here. Shop now so you can enjoy your next journey on the water the way it was meant to be enjoyed - in comfort and style!