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Stay safe and comfortable for any type of paddling and weather with our best kayaking clothes. You’re dressing for the air and water temperatures, so avoid cotton and use synthetic materials or wool in your kayak outfit!

  1. Dry Suits - Using waterproof and breathable fabrics with latex gaskets, these kayak clothes are the best way to stay warm and comfortable in cold climates. Semi-dry options for this kayaking top use neoprene for the neck gasket, but both are fantastic choices - and with a Union Suit or Dry Suit Liner, you’ll be able to stay warm and paddle longer.
  2. Dry Tops - This type of kayak clothing is similar to a dry suit, but only for the top half of your body. It has a latex neck and wrist gaskets, but will also feature a wide Velcro band at the waist, for dry pants or bibs or even a spray skirt. A dry top can be worn over a wetsuit to keep water out when you roll your kayak when used with a spray skirt. This kayaking top also comes in a semi-dry option!
  3. Wetsuits - These kayaking clothes are made of neoprene, come in a variety of thicknesses, and work by trapping a layer of water against your skin - your body heat then warms it up to provide a layer of insulation and warmth. We recommend using one when it’s chilly, but not really cold. Newcomers enjoy wetsuits for their kayak outfit because of their protective cushioning.
  4. Paddling Jackets - Use these when you need to block the wind, splash, or spray. They can be a pull-over-the-head style jacket or have a full or half zipper in the front. They can be short or long sleeved and some feature a hood. Paddling jackets can be waterproof and breathable or insulating!
  5. Paddling Pants - This type of kayaking clothing covers a wide variety of kayaking pants that feature latex ankle gaskets or attached socks. Many of these pants block wind, splash and paddle drips in your lap. Neoprene pants become a great choice if you need insulation and cushioning while submerged.
  6. Kayak Shoes - This type of kayak clothing offers a wide selection of different styles – including standard low profile wet shoes, taller neoprene booties, calf boots, river sandals, and kayaking shoes. Due to the layers, be sure to go up a size - cramped toes are cold toes!
  7. Layering - To keep yourself warm and comfortable with your kayaking clothes, dress in layers and adjust your comfort level. A wicking layer allows perspiration to easily pass through your dry wear, keeping you more comfortable and less chilled. Then add a fleece or wool shirt on top with pants. On colder days, add additional layers for warmth!
  8. Shorts - These help you stay comfortable and protected - with quick drying board shorts or neoprene!
  9. Gloves - With this kayak apparel, protect your hands from the sun, blisters, or the cold - from half-finger style gloves to neoprene paddling gloves. And if grip is important to you, check out our pogies! We have only the best kayaking clothes for you here.
  10. Hats and Socks - Check out this type of kayak clothing when you need additional warmth, protection, or comfort. Block sun and rain using our hats, or prevent your toes from getting cold with thin, warm, neoprene socks.

Dressing in the proper kayak clothing for the weather and type of kayaking makes your day on the water the best it can be. Put together your perfect kayak outfit today!

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