Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles

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Avoid fatigue when paddling with a lightweight carbon fiber kayak paddle. You can filter our carbon fiber kayak paddles by price range, size, brand, or activity.

Choose a carbon fiber kayak paddle for the lightest and stiffest material. Of all the materials used for paddles, carbon is hands down the lightest weight for the most minor fatigue on the body. Carbon fiber paddles can be expensive, but it can be worth it depending on your specific paddling needs. Suppose you've had any injuries, are planning to cover multiple paddling days in a row, or just want to be gentle with your joints, ligaments, and back. In that case, a carbon paddle may be just what you want. And, of course, if you only buy "the best," then purchasing a carbon paddle is a no-brainer.

Carbon can be used in different ways in a paddle. Sometimes, a 100% carbon shaft easily shaves off several ounces with blades of other materials to give you a hybrid paddle. Other times, you'll see a 100% carbon fiber paddle made with a 100% carbon shaft and blades. This is easily the lightest paddle and offers a stiff, flutter-free stroke. Once you paddle with a 100% all-carbon paddle, it's hard to paddle with anything else! If cost is a concern, you'll also find paddles with carbon shafts. Still, the blades blend carbon with another material, like  Aqua-Bound's abX carbon-reinforced nylon. These blended blades decrease the weight compared to hybrid paddles but also help lower costs.

Carbon is a popular material for both flatwater and whitewater kayaking. You will see a selection of bent shaft paddles and straight shaft paddles in flatwater and whitewater paddles. Bent shaft paddles are great for keeping your wrist in a neutral paddling position, which helps alleviate wrist and shoulder fatigue. The bent paddles weigh more than their straight shaft counterparts due to the additional material used to build the bend. Werner Paddles offers a great selection!

You'll also find that carbon paddles come in different shaft configurations. The flatwater/touring paddles will now go in a 2-piece configuration or a 4-piece breakdown. Sometimes, the 2-piece paddles will also offer adjustable lengths so that you can vary the size of the paddle or an adjustable ferrule that would allow you to adjust the blade offset so that the paddle can cut through the air just as quickly as it does the water. This is handy if the winds kick up while you're on the water. The whitewater paddles are usually 1-piece or a 4-piece breakdown paddle. The 1-piece paddles offer the standard 30-degree offset with proper hand control (RHC). Some breakdown whitewater paddles may provide an additional offset, so you'll want to check the technical specifications page.

Carbon kayak paddles make your time on the water more enjoyable. They are lighter than other materials yet provide a stiffer, flutter-free stroke. While they may cost a bit more, you will save on wear and tear on your body. If you need help finding the best carbon paddle for your specific needs, just call us!

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