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The right rock climbing gear is vital for safety, so always buy the best you can afford. Filter based on size, gender or brand to find the perfect rock climbing equipment for your adventure.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport that requires technical knowledge of the gear and terrain, as well as proper climbing technique.

Types of Rock Climbing

Climbing can be broken down into many different disciplines, but the most common are top roping, sport climbing, traditional climbing, and bouldering. Top roping is a fun and safe way to learn the basic techniques and become familiar with your climbing gear. In sport climbing, there are a number of bolts in the rock that follow the path of the pre-planned route and it is the responsibility of the climber to clip their rope through the climbing quickdraws as they climb. The climber will need a partner for belaying, meaning feed the rope, catch falls, and lower the climber down. Traditional rock climbing is the next step up in difficulty as the climber is responsible for inserting protection into the rock in order to secure themself to the wall. Traditional climbing requires planning and extra equipment. Bouldering is a ropeless climbing discipline where the routes are generally no more than 15 feet high, making it relatively safe and less expensive as you do not need a lot of climbing equipment. Bouldering is a great way to practice climbing techniques and work on your skills in a safe environment.

Who’s Doing It?

Rock climbing has become increasingly popular in the last few years due to an increase in indoor climbing gyms. This sport can be enjoyed by everyone, from die hard climbers who solo climb without any safety gear to families who just want to enjoy a fun activity together.

Whether indoors or out, rock climbing is the perfect way to hone your physical and mental fitness while enjoying the company of a great community.

Essential Pieces of Rock Climbing Gear

Each climbing discipline requires unique rock climbing equipment, but we have some great suggestions on essential items to get you started from our rock climbing store:

  • Cams – If traditional rock climbing, there is no substitution for Black Diamond Camalots for protection. These are an absolute staple.
  • Climbing Harness – This is an essential safety tool that every climber will need.
  • Climbing Rope – This is a crucial piece of gear for everything except bouldering. Make sure to get the appropriate size and length of rock climbing rope for your discipline.
  • Belay Device – Whether top roping, sport climbing, or trad climbing, you will need a belay device.
  • Climbing Helmet – Make sure to protect your head from falling debris, rock walls, or the ground.
  • Climbing Carabiners and Quickdraws – These are essential for linking your rope to whatever protection you are using on the rock.

Top Rock Climbing Gear Brands

There are a lot of brands out there that offer rock climbing gear, but we consider these brands to be the cream of the crop.