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Rock climbing ropes are a critical pieces of safety equipment that you need to be able to trust. Filter based on size, color, or brand to find your perfect rock climbing rope.

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Stay Safe & Secure with Strong, Reliable Rock Climbing Rope at Outdoorplay

Rock climbing rope is not something you want to skimp on. Your life is on the line when you’re scaling a mountain supported by climbing rope. That’s why it’s so important to take this decision seriously and shop for the best climbing ropes. And for the best climbing rope, you’re in the right place.

Here at Outdoorplay, we have curated the strongest, most reliable climbing ropes online. We source our climbing rope from the most trusted, well-respected manufacturers in the climbing industry. You can shop in complete confidence knowing we’ve carefully vetted each and every product we offer, and enjoy free shipping on every order over $50!

Why Stick with Outdoorplay for Rock Climbing Rope?

Why stick with Outdoorplay for your climbing rope needs? Having a strong, dependable climbing rope you can trust while navigating up a mountain allows you to enjoy the experience for what it is.

And because we know this feeling all too well, we’ve worked hard to curate the best selection of climbing ropes. In this collection, you’ll find the most trusted brands in the climbing industry: Black Diamond, Sterling Rope, Trango, Mammut, and more. The best part? We offer price matching on our catalog!

Tips for Selecting the Best Climbing Rope:

If you’ve never bought your own climbing ropes before, it can be stressful and overwhelming. You know the gravity of this decision - and you want to get it right. Don’t stress - we’re here to help. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Rope Length & Diameter

    One of the most important factors of choosing your climbing rope is the size - meaning length and diameter. Thicker climbing ropes are obviously more reliable. They’re abrasion-resistant and stand up to frequent use. But if you’re hiking long distances and embarking on multi-pitch climbs, you may sacrifice some width for a skinnier, lighter-weight rope. In terms of length, just ensure that half your rope length exceeds the distance you’re going to climb.
  • Rope Type

    There are a few different types of rope: single, half, twin, and static. Single ropes work fine for trad climbing, sport climbing, and top roping - but if you’re going ice climbing, you’ll want half ropes or twin ropes.
  • Safety Rating

    It should go without saying that safety rating should factor into your decision. Many climbing ropes feature some sort of safety rating from the UIAA.

  • Other Features

    A few other features that you may find beneficial include dry treatment, middle marking, end warning, and bi-coloring.

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