Ice Climbing Crampons

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Navigate Snow & Icy Terrain With Ease Using Our Ice Climbing Crampons

If you’re preparing to hike in treacherous, icy terrain - we are so excited for you! This experience is unlike any other. But, you need the right gear to safely and efficiently scale snow and icy terrain with ease. That’s where these ice climbing crampons come in.

You can attach these to your feet and navigate up the mountain much faster and safer than with traditional snowshoes or hiking boots. We consider these to be an essential for any climber in the winter. 

And, for the best selection of crampons for ice climbing, look no further than our selection here at Outdoorplay. We have curated the top products from the industry's most trusted brands. If you see it in our catalog, you can rest assured it’s a reliable, high-quality product. We also offer free shipping, price matching, and risk-free returns* - so shop now!

Why Is Outdoorplay The Premier Choice For Ice Climbing Crampons?

When it comes to ice climbing crampons, you won’t find a better selection than what we offer here at Outdoorplay. Our team consists of lifelong outdoor enthusiasts. Since 1995, we’ve found our passion in helping others enjoy the great outdoors and the snow as much as we do. That means providing you with the products you need and the service to back it all up.

You’ll have access to the best brands in the industry, such as Black Diamond, at the lowest prices online. That’s right - we offer price matching, so if you see a better price - let us know, we’ll match it. And, we’re always available via phone, email, or live chat to assist you in picking the right product if you need help. Just reach out - don’t be shy!

What To Look For When Buying Crampons For Ice Climbing

Not all crampons for ice climbing are created equal. Fortunately, we’re going to provide a few quick tips to help you pick the right pair for you. Start by considering your activity: Will you be climbing waterfall ice or mixed terrain? Will you be casually walking in the snow? Will you be embarking on a technical mountaineering trip? The activity you do will affect your ideal pair. 

  • Materials: steel tends to be the premier choice for all activities. But, for casual snow walking, aluminum works too.
  • Frontpoint type: For snow walking or general/technical mountaineering a fixed horizontal front point is ideal. But for waterfall ice and mixed climbing, go with a modular vertical.
  • Rigidity: For just about every type of climbing, you’ll want a semi-rigid construction to allow the ultimate stability. For general snow walking, you can stick with a flexible construction.
  • Number of points: The more points you have, the better suited you are for intensive routes. General snow walking is fine with as few as 8-10, while intense ice climbing requires a minimum of 14 points.
  • Binding type: basic strap-on bindings are fine for snow walking - but if you’re doing something more technical or intense, you may want hybrid or step-in bindings.

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