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A lightweight kayak paddle will make all the difference during a long paddling session. Kayak paddles come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Use the filters to select the perfect kayak paddle for your adventure.

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Did you know the right kayak paddle depends on your activity type, kayak width, as well as your height? Not all paddles are created equal. Read our guide to find out how to pick the best kayak paddle for you.
Did you know the right kayak paddle depends on your activity type, kayak width, as well as your height? Not all paddles are created equal. Read our guide to find out how to pick the best kayak paddle for you.

Expert Buying Guide

Kayak Paddle Buying Guide

Choosing the right kayak paddle can have a huge impact on your boating adventures. To make sure you choose the right paddle for you, ask yourself the following 4 questions:

  • What is your style of kayaking: recreational, fishing, touring, sea or whitewater?
  • What paddle style will you be using?
  • What is the width of your kayak?
  • How tall are you?

Not too sure about some of your answers just yet, keep reading to find out more.

Your Paddling Style

There are two types of paddling styles, low and high angle.

  • Low angle: for kayaking when distance is more important than speed. Suited to recreational, fishing, touring and sea kayaking.
  • High angle: more aggressive and powerful, well suited for rough waters and when speed is the primary objective, or a really good work-out. Most whitewater boaters have a high angle style, as well as other paddlers that prefer to lean forward and power through each stroke.

Determining Your Paddle Length

If you're a recreational paddler or kayak fisherman the width of your kayak is going to be the most important factor in choosing the right paddle length. Recreational and fishing kayaks are generally quite wide, typically 28- 36 inches. And wider boats require longer paddles.

Low Angle Size Guide

Paddler Height Boat Width
Under 23" 23"-28" 28"-32" Over 32"
Under 5' 210 cm 220 cm 230 cm 240 cm
5'-5'6" 215 cm 220 cm 230 cm 240 cm
5'6"-6' 220 cm 220 cm 230 cm 240 cm
Over 6' 230 cm 240 cm 250 cm 260 cm

You can also consider an adjustable kayak paddle, which features a telescoping shaft with a special locking mechanism that allows you to customize the length of your paddle within a specified range.

Touring and sea kayaks are typically narrower than recreational kayaks and are designed for performance and efficiency. They can be paddled with a low or high angle stroke, depending on your paddling style and objectives. If you use a lower angle stroke reference the Low Angle Size Guide above. If you use a higher stroke, reference the High Angle Size Guide below. Please note, it really is personal preference, so these charts are guidelines only, and not hard and fast rules.

High Angle Size Guide

Paddler Height Boat Width
Under 25" Over 25"
Under 5' 200 cm 220 cm
5'-5'6" 205 cm 220 cm
5'6"-6' 210 cm 220 cm
Over 6' 215 cm 230 cm

Most whitewater kayaks are a similar width, so your height and style of paddling are the main factors to consider. Generally, you should pick a shorter length for playboating/freestyle and a longer length for river running and creeking.

Whitewater Size Guide

Paddler Height Paddle Length
Under 5'2" 188-194 cm
5'2"-5'8" 190-196 cm
5'8"-6'1" 192-200 cm

The price of a paddle depends on the materials and design used to create it. Plastics are a cheaper option, while composites are more expensive. Carbon-fiber is generally the best performing material because of how light and rigid it is, but it's also the most expensive.Straight shafts are less expensive than bent shafts, as bent shafts require more engineering and materials.

Your personal budget and performance requirements will determine how much you spend on a paddle. If you need any further assistance, we're available via phone, email, or chat - and we're excited to help.

Happy paddling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is aluminum or fiberglass better for kayak paddles?

Fiberglass paddles are a better alternative because they are lighter and more durable.

What is the difference between a kayak paddle and a paddle board paddle?

A double-bladed paddle is used for kayaking and a single-blade paddle is used for paddle boarding.

What is the difference between low angle and high angle kayak paddles?

A high-angle kayak stroke is quite vertical, maximizing speed and power. Whitewater kayakers and sea kayakers in more aggressive environments typically use high-angle strokes. High-angle kayak blades are usually wider and shorter, moving a lot of water with each stroke and propelling your kayak forward faster with more power. A low-angle kayak stroke is more horizontal for relaxed paddling and for long days on the water. It’s less tiring and easier on your body. Low-angle blades are narrower and longer for efficiency and ease with each stroke, letting you pull the blades through the water easier and with less fatigue over the day.

What are the differences between whitewater and flatwater kayak paddles?

Whitewater paddles are shorter in length, around 191 - 200 cm, and use shorter and wider blades to maximize power on the water. They are built more robustly to protect against the additional wear and tear of paddling rivers. Flatwater paddles are longer, starting around 210 cm, and often have narrower, longer blades for more efficiency and reduced wear on your body. They are also lighter, reducing fatigue when paddling long days.

Do I want a straight shaft or bent shaft kayak paddle?

Straight shaft paddles are the most common option and are what most paddlers choose to start with. They are typically lighter, less expensive, and allow more adjustability in hand positioning. Bent shaft paddles are designed to better align your hand and wrist position. They are ideal for long-distance kayaking and paddlers with wrist or elbow issues. Bent shaft paddles are typically less fatiguing and put less strain on the joints, and can help attain a more efficient paddle stroke.

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Choosing The Right Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

Picking the perfect fiberglass kayak paddle for your next outing can make all the difference when paddling – and we want to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice.

Finding the perfect size is everything - and this will vary based on your size, paddling style, and different boating conditions. We offer a range of different sizes, from as small as 180 centimeters to as long as 90 inches. Not sure which is right for you? We're here to help!

Find Everything Else You Need Along with Your Whitewater Paddle or Sea Kayak Paddle!

Along with our collection of carbon fiber kayak paddles for sale, you'll find all the other types of kayaking accessories you need to make your next day on the water a memorable, rewarding experience. A good pair of kayak gloves or a paddle bag might be a great add on purchase! And don't forget kayak footwear, and kayak float bags.

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