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Outdoorplay is an authorized dealer for Werner Paddles. Choose a Werner paddle for kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding. Use the filters below to narrow down the selection based on material, paddle length, and color to find one that suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Werner paddles float?

Werner Paddles float because they are known to have an extremely peaceful, light, and buoyant feel on water due to their high volume blade design allowing increased water displacement.

Are Werner paddles made in the USA?

Werner Paddles proudly handcrafts each of their quality paddles in Washington State, USA since 1965 where they have had their headquarters located in Monroe.

If you’re a kayaker, then you know the name Werner Paddles. Started in 1965, Werner’s mission is to design, manufacture, and deliver the highest performance kayak paddles worldwide. And they’ve been living up to that mission year after year. Werner is determined to deliver the best possible experience to you on the water through their design and craftsmanship.  Werner handcrafts their paddles in the Pacific Northwest, catering to all major paddling segments including sea kayaking, recreational, whitewater, fishing, canoeing, and rafting.  Their headquarters are located in Washington state which provides them with plenty of opportunity to test Werner products right in their own backyard.

Werner Paddles takes an engineering and technology approach to design. Function, ergonomics, durability, and beauty are key requirements throughout the paddle development process.  They take pride in handcrafting quality products in the U.S., minimizing waste, taking care of their people, and giving back to the local community.  Werner products are manufactured to the highest standards, maintaining their reputation as the go-to for reliability in the paddle sports industry.  They strive to build their paddles responsibly and to reduce their impact to the environment wherever they can. The Werner team brings award-winning designs to life and are a key component to their success. They are paddlers and adventurers with decades of industry experience and are dedicated craftsmen and women who bring passion, commitment, and pride to work every single day.

At Werner, they believe advanced designs and fit are the key ingredients of a perfect paddle. As paddlers of all levels of experience hit the water, we're all after the same thing; fun, and as little fatigue as possible. It starts with a great fitting shaft or grip,  and with that, more comfort and reduced fatigue. This allows for a better physical performance on the water with light swing weight, smooth strokes and balance. Then, across Werner’s entire range of paddles, for every discipline and performance level, you'll find specific advanced design features that will improve your time spent on the water. Werner promises that their quality workmanship will be evident every time you pick up any Werner paddle. You can see it in their unsurpassed attention to quality and feel it with every paddle stroke.

Werner breaks all of their paddles into 1 of 3 performance levels. The top tier performance level is the Ultimate. Paddles that offer Ultimate performance have an exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel on the water. Blades designed with more volume creates a blade profile that displaces more water for a significantly lighter, more buoyant feel on the water. The added buoyancy assists the blade from the water at the exit of the stroke. This allows you to use less energy on long paddle outings, creates a more stable brace, and enhances kayak rolls in aerated water. Carbon shaft combines light weight with Werner’s reputation for strength, derived from the experience of extreme kayakers. With each stroke you’ll feel just the perfect amount of flex, making the paddle softer on your joints. In your hands you’ll feel balance, and an incredible  light swing weight. Strong for their intended use, paddlers should be mindful that Ultimate Performance paddles should be used, but not abused.

Swing weight equates to the effort it takes to move your paddle throughout the stroke, and with Werner’s Premium line swing weight is minimal. Stiffness is a key element in blade performance, allowing for more efficiency as the blade flutters  less under the load of moving you and your boat through the water. At this performance level you can choose between fiberglass or carbon construction. Carbon gives you the lightest swing weight option and matches the strength, impact and wear resistance of fiberglass with ultimate performance carbon look. Fiberglass is a great compromise for those looking for a better value without compromising on strength and impact resistance. Also, a variety of bright color options with a handcrafted translucent look are available in Werner’s Premium  fiberglass line while the shaft uses a carbon blend to combine light weight and strength. A paddle from the Premium line give you a top notch paddle without breaking the bank.

Paddles that offer Standard performance give you Werner's advanced design features at introductory prices. These paddles may not have all the advanced design features, materials and fit options but still maintain light swing weight, balance and smooth, stable strokes. Werner’s fiberglass reinforced nylon blades are quite sturdy, adding a bit more swing weight than the other performance levels but offering you a smaller price tag. The standard performance shafts use a carbon-fiberglass blend to combine light weight, flex, and strength. For those recreational paddlers, who want to experience the feel of a Werner Paddle on the water but don’t want to pay top dollar will love paddles in the Standard performance line.

Paddlers know that when you buy a Werner paddle, no matter what type of paddling you’ll be doing, you are buying quality. Werner’s attention to detail is evident in their reputation for quality and reliability. You'll see the difference first hand, and most certainly feel it with every stroke on the water! Not sure which paddle is for you? Just give us a call!