Kayak Spray Skirts

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Kayak spray skirts keep water out of your boat’s cockpit, even in whitewater rapids. A whitewater spray skirt or kayak skirt is essential if you plan to paddle rapids, as it will help stabilize your boat as the waves splash over the deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a kayak skirt?

You'll need a kayaking skirt to stabilize your boat when the waves splash over the deck.

What is a kayak skirt called?

A kayaking skirt is also known as a spray deck or a sprayskirt.

What is the difference between whitewater skirts and recreational spray skirts for kayaks?

Recreational skirts are designed to keep splash and spray out of your kayak. They use lighter materials and a slightly looser fit to the cockpit rim, making recreational skirts easier to take on and off the kayak. Whitewater skirts use neoprene for increased performance and durability. A neoprene skirt will also fit more snugly to the cockpit rim to keep water out of your boat and stay in place while rolling.

How do I figure out the correct size kayak spray skirt?

Each skirt has a sizing guide to help determine which size will best fit your boat. Please let us know if you have additional questions, and we'll be happy to help you choose the best fit for your boat.

Why do some kayaking skirts have waist measurements, and some don't?

Some sprayskirts use a universal tunnel size that will fit most waists. Others use more fitted tunnels to match your waist size.

Keep Water Out of Your Boat with Our Kayak Skirt Collection!

You love being on the water but want to avoid getting soaking wet while you paddle, so you need a whitewater kayak skirt for your next expedition. Keep yourself dry while you do what you love!

The tunnel on these kayak spray skirts fits around your waist, while the spray skirt extends over the cockpit rim of the boat. The result is a whitewater kayak spray skirt with a waterproof seal. When you’re splashing through the waves or kayaking in the rain - these kayak splash skirts keep you dry.

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How Do You Choose the Right Kayak Skirts?

Start by determining what type of kayak you have and simply matching the cockpit size to your kayak skirt size. Then, decide what kind of kayaking you do!

Recreational kayakers use a nylon spray skirt to avoid the occasional water splash. On the other hand, sea kayakers who take on more extreme pursuits will be better off with a neoprene kayak skirt. What’s nice about these is they typically have additional features, like extra pockets or hand warmers.

We've got those if you’re looking for a kayak whitewater spray skirt. Made of 100% neoprene, each skirt has a shock cord that secures it to the cockpit.

Caring for your kayak skirts after use is essential to ensure longevity - and help you get the most out of it. That means keeping these rubber skirts clean, rinsing them with clean water after every use (especially if you encounter salt water or chlorine), and storing them in a cool, dry place - protected from UV rays that can degrade the rubber.

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Why Outdoorplay Is The #1 Choice for Kayak Spray Skirts

Now that you know how to find the perfect kayak skirt, it’s just a matter of choosing between a standard nylon skirt or a more intense whitewater spray skirt for a kayak. Regardless, you’ll be delighted by our selection at Outdoorplay. You’ll get free shipping over $49, price matching, easy returns, and a money-back guarantee. If you don’t love the product, we’ll honor a refund.