Kayak Cockpit Covers

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Keep Your Boat In Pristine Condition With Our Kayak Cockpit Covers!

We have tons of kayaks for sale, and when you buy kayaks at Outdoorplay, you can rest assured you’re getting durable boats that will stand the test of time. But, part of that depends on your ability to properly store and protect your boat when it isn’t being used.

Whether you’re storing it for the season or a few days, or you’re traveling down the highway with it - our kayak cockpit covers are an absolute must-have! This investment in your boat will pay for itself in the long run, as you’ll find that years down the road your kayak looks as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Don’t let critters, weather, or debris degrade the interior or exterior of your rig prematurely. With these affordable kayak cockpit covers, you never have to worry about the condition of your boat again!

And when you shop here at Outdoorplay, you’ll see we have the best selection available online. You’ll have access to the top brands in the industry at the lowest prices possible, including NRS, Advanced Elements, AstralAire, and more. Shop now or reach out for a recommendation if you aren’t sure which kayak storage cover is right for you - we’re here to help and excited to do so!

How Come People Prefer To Buy Their Kayak Cockpit Covers At Outdoorplay Over The Competition?

With so many options online, why has Outdoorplay come to be known as the #1 place to shop for all types of kayak accessories, including kayak cockpit covers? Simple. Nobody offers this level of variety, quality, affordability, and service.

Our cockpit covers are designed to fit all different types of boats

Whether you have a tandem kayak, inflatable kayak, or a single-person boat, you name it, we’ve got a cover for you!

The last thing you want is to come out to your kayak after storing it outside, in your garage, or in a shed to discover it’s not in the same condition as you left it in last season. There are all kinds of dangers to your boat - including sand, dust, rodents, rain, birds, and more. With our incredible, versatile kayak cockpit covers, though, this doesn’t need to be a concern.

And, you’ll enjoy free shipping on every order over $49 when you shop here. You also get price matching, so if you find a better price at one of our competitors - let us know and we’ll match it! All of this is backed up by our money-back guarantee*.

So - shop now, or reach out to our experts for help picking the perfect product. As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we’re excited to help you get set up and protect the longevity of your kayak! We’re just a phone call away, or you can reach us virtually via email or chat.

We Have The Rest Of Your Kayaking Needs Covered, Too!

Along with these awesome kayak cockpit covers, you’ll find all the other storage essentials you need to protect your boat. That includes kayak racks, kayak paddles, and even kayak trailers among other transportation equipment!

Outdoorplay is your one-stop shop for all things outdoors - we even have every type of climbing gear you could imagine. So, get all your shopping knocked out at once here at the best outdoor store online.