Kayak Covers & Storage Bags

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Kayak covers and storage bags will help protect your boat when not on the water kayaking. Use the filters to find the perfect kayak storage bag for your boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to cover a kayak?

Using a kayak cover that is made from waterproof and weather-resistant materials is the best way to cover a kayak.

What is the best material for a kayak cover?

Polyester is the best material used for kayak covers.

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Store Your Watercraft In Style With Our Kayak Storage Bags & Kayak Covers!

You spent good money on your kayak - don’t let the elements deteriorate it over time! Store your watercraft in style with our awesome selection of Kayak storage bags and kayak covers.

Whether you store it indoors or outdoors, short term or long term - one thing is for sure: you need to store it correctly. Otherwise, the life of your kayak, raft, or canoe will be greatly compromised by the sun’s harmful UV rays, curious critters, insects, the rain, you name it. That’s where these kayak storage covers come in. If you’re planning on storing indoors, you’ll still need one to keep it in pristine condition. If you’re storing your rig outdoors, the kayak cover becomes all the more important.

No matter what type of kayak you’ve got, we’ve got a storage cover for you - from hardshell to inflatables, canoes, paddleboards, or any other small watercraft - ensure your boat is ready for the water when you are.

Why Storing Your Kayak In A Bag or Storage Cover Is So Important

You can add years of life to the shell of your kayak with the proper storage method. These kayak covers will aid in resisting the cracking and fading that comes with years of fun in the sun.

These covers will also protect against rain and snow from collecting in the boat during both storage and transport.

Despite being a water sport, it’s never any fun shoving off while sitting in a wet seat. It’s even less fun to find out that your boat has been occupied by a creepy-crawly, especially once you’re out on the water.

What Makes Our Kayak Storage Covers Such A Great Choice?

You won’t find a better selection of kayak storage covers than what you see before you here at Outdoorplay - we’ve curated the best products from the best brands in the game, and are proud to offer them at super low prices that fit your budget. If you find a better price, just reach out - we’ll match it!

Quality, Convenience, & Peace Of Mind

The kayak storage bags on our site are made with a heavy-duty waterproof and breathable fabric that is designed to resist UV light, mildew, and damage from insects and animals. The cover is generally slipped over the boat and zipped or cinched closed. Integrated carry handles make loading and unloading a breeze. Kayak storage covers are great for transport, too, as they keep your boat free of dead bugs that build up on the ride to the river. The generous cut of these bags can turn your cockpit into a large hatch for accessories such as paddles and PFDs during transport or storage.

We’re so confident that the kayak cover of your dreams is here waiting for you, that you can check out today risk free - knowing your purchase is backed up.

Whether you’re putting your kayak up for just a few days or for the entire season, there’s no better way to protect it outdoors than a quality kayak cover! Check out our collection of top-quality options from your favorite brands, including Dannu, NRS, and more!

We Don’t Just Have The Best Selection Of Kayak Storage Bags & Covers - We’ve Got It All!

These aren’t the only type of kayak bags we offer - you’ll find everything else you need to store your gear, and even to bring valuables on your next expedition! While you’re here, grab all the essentials:

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