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Pack Everything You Need For Your Outdoor Adventure In Our Kayak Gear Bags!

​​About to go on your first kayaking adventure? To have a great kayaking experience, you need to prepare with the right equipment. Some essential kayaking gear includes a helmet, a personal flotation device (PFD), a spray skirt, and more!

The more you get into kayaking, the more kayaking equipment you find yourself buying. You’ll need a safe place to store it all eventually, like our kayak gear bags!

Outdoorplay has a wide selection of kayak gear bags. We’ve got mesh gear bags, dry bags, and even lining for your dry bags that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can select from different duffel bags, backpacks, and draw bags as small as five liters to as big as 100 liters.

We have gear bags fit for day trips and gear bags enough for week-long travels. Whatever you need, we’ve got it, and our products never disappoint!

Why Outdoorplay Has The Best Selection of Kayak Gear Bags

Our selection of kayak gear bags is perfect for any equipment

You don’t necessarily have to store kayak gear in these bags. You can use them to pack items for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re going camping or going rock climbing, our gear bags are a durable and reliable option to carry any of your essentials.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to decide which gear bag is perfect for you. If you plan on being around water a lot, our dry bags are exactly what you need to protect your essential items from getting wet.

All our dry bags are 100% waterproof and fully submergible with either a roll-top style closure or zip-top closure with a zipper seal. We even provide a dry bag lining perfect for photographers who need an extra layer of protection for their cameras and other fragile equipment that absolutely cannot get wet.

On the other hand, our mesh gear bags are perfect for storing wet items. The mesh fabric allows your wet kayaking equipment to breathe and dry quickly, which helps avoid that awful odor from damp equipment.

Find More Kayaking Gear To Pack In Your Gear Bags at Outdoorplay!

Before you check out your kayak gear bag, you might be missing a few more pieces of kayaking equipment. You might not know what you’re missing right now, but browse through our catalog of kayaking gear, and you might find something you need!

Find more kayaking gear to go with your kayak gear bags in our collections of:

Outdoorplay has one of the largest selections of outdoor gear for all kinds of outdoor activities, not just kayaking. So if you want to explore more of the great outdoors and not just the ocean, maybe climb a mountain or go hiking, we’ve got all the equipment for those too!