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A kayak cart will save you energy while getting your boat to the water. Kayak wheelers act as a dolly for your kayak, making transportation more accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a kayak cart worth it?

Kayak carts can make kayaking more accessible by assisting in transporting additional gear.

How much does a DIY kayak cart cost?

The most inexpensive DIY kayak wheel cart will cost around $30.

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What's Easier Than Carrying a Kayak Over Your Shoulder or With a Friend? Using a Kayak Cart, of course!

Sometimes called a kayak dolly or trolley cart, a kayak cart on wheels makes transporting your boat to the water easy. Kayak dolly manufacturers like Malone, NRS, Suspenz, or Hobie use a variety of styles to accommodate the different boat hull designs. For example, choose a sit-on-top kayak with scuppers or drain holes if you have a sit-on-top kayak trolley. Or you may need a canoe dolly - also called a canoe cart - for hauling a canoe or smaller Jon boat, in which case you'll need a special wheel cart for that flat hull or gunnel. There are even kayak carts with bends in the bars to fit long inflatable kayaks. Always consider the shape and size of the bottom of your boat when looking for the best-fitting canoe cart or kayak caddy option.

Another significant distinction in kayak carts is the variation of materials and styles of the kayak carrier wheels. Balloon wheels, beach kayak wheels, and the broad, flat, oversized tread on other wheels make it easier to pull in the sand. You'll even find rubber, never-go-flat airless kayak wheels to give you the peace of mind of not having to worry over a punctured tire. There is a wheel choice to handle all types of terrain with your wheel cart.

The placement of the kayak trolly underneath the boat can make hauling lighter or better balanced. You might prefer an end cart when pulling up an incline or a center cart if you need to tackle stairs to get to the water. Or you may need one that can do it all. As you shop for the right cart with wheels, be aware that they also come with various weight capacities. When considering your best choice, consider your total loaded weight. When you can't drive to the water's edge to unload, save your energy for the paddling and transport your boat in style with a kayak wagon.

You may also be interested in transportation options other than kayak dolly wheels or a trolly cart with wheels. Check out our quality kayak racks and trailers.

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