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A dry box is essential for waterproof storage on your river trip! Filter based on size, color, or brand to find the perfect waterproof dry box for boats, kayaks, and rafts.

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Protect Your Gadgets with Our Waterproof and Crushproof Dry Box!

Whenever we go on adventures, we bring our gadgets to help document our every moment. But when you’re paddling through the water or trekking through the mountains, there is a risk of damaging your electronics. Outdoors, our valuables are exposed to several elements they aren't built to survive.

No need to stress, though - we have just what you need to protect your gadgets even in extreme conditions! Outdoorplay offers crushproof, dustproof, and waterproof dry boxes. These waterproof boxes are perfect for keeping your cameras, cellphones, and other essential items safe from whatever Mother Nature throws.

Why Buy a Dry Box from Outdoorplay?

Outdoorplay only sells the highest quality outdoor gear, and our selection of waterproof boxes for kayaks is no different. They are hard-shelled, air-tight, lightweight, and completely indestructible.

Of course, you would never intentionally damage your camera or cell phone. But even if you tried, you’d be unable to do so with your gadgets in our rafting dry box. We are confident that your electronics will be safe from even a single scratch or drop of moisture.

Our dry boxes come in various sizes that can fit any of your gadgets and essential items! You’ll never fear dropping your gadgets into the ocean or banging them against a rock because our unbreakable waterproof boxes protect them from almost anything.

The Science Behind Our Indestructible Waterproof Box

You’re probably thinking it sounds too good to be true. How is it possible for a kayak dry box to be waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof?

Our dry boxes feature a shell made with a unique open-cell foam structure. This makes the box lightweight and helps provide better protection from outside forces. If the waterproof box for the kayak gets damaged, the open cell foam structure limits the fractures. It acts as a roadblock to prevent the fracture from getting any bigger.

The dry storage box open-cell foam structure also prevents the shell from becoming brittle in places with extreme temperatures. It also has an automatic pressure relief purge vent that not only keeps air and water out of the box but equalizes the interior temperature and pressure when there are changes in the exterior temperature and pressure.

These rafting dry boxes can withstand temperatures below zero to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. So whether you are climbing an icy mountain or exploring a tropical island, our water proof box will protect your gadgets from damage.

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