Kayak Paddle Bags

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Kayak paddles aren't cheap, and a kayak paddle bag will help protect that investment. Use the filters to shop all of our kayak paddle bags.

Keep Your Paddles Protected While Traveling with Our Kayak Paddle Bags!

Paddles are essential to the kayaking experience. Because they’re so important, you want to ensure that they’re well-protected during transit. The best way to keep your paddles secure while traveling is to invest in a kayak paddle bag!

If you’re new to kayaking, you might be thinking that a kayak paddle bag isn’t necessary. But one can make a big difference in how your paddles perform during kayaking. If your paddles get scratched or crack during transit, you’re going to regret it.

A damaged paddle will significantly affect the way your kayak moves. Not only does the kayak move less smoothly, but it also becomes tiring and much more of a hassle to kayak when you’re using a damaged paddle. Don’t make the rookie mistake of not getting a paddle bag. Invest in a good one and lengthen the lifespan of your paddles!

Why Is Outdoorplay’s Selection of Kayak Paddle Bags the Best There Is?

We ensure that every product in our catalog meets premium quality standards. All of our products, including our collection of kayak bags, are made with the most durable, reliable, and rugged materials truly meant to withstand the great outdoors.

You Will Find a Variety of Kayak Bags and Even Spare Paddle Holders in Our Inventory

We have paddle bags for both one-piece and two-piece take-apart kayak paddles that can fit paddles up to 230cm long, which is the average size for most paddles.

All our bags come with a padded interior that will cushion your paddles when it gets knocked around while traveling. They also have pockets for your paddle blades to ensure that they don’t crack or get scratched while in the bag. The exterior of each bag is made from different materials, but they are all strong enough to avoid rips and tears and are sure to survive any traveling conditions and rough handling.

We Have More Kayak Accessories to Ensure a Great Kayaking Experience!

Aside from getting a kayak bag to protect your paddles, why not get a dry bag or a dry box to protect your other items and gadgets from getting wet? Or maybe you need a gear bag to store the rest of your essentials safely? Here at Outdoorplay, we have all of these and so much more!

Your one-stop-shop for all the gear and equipment you need to conquer the great outdoors is right here! Browse through our various collections of:

We not only provide kayak accessories and rafting equipment, but we also have all the tools you’ll need for camping, hiking, and even rock climbing!