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Safety First - Protect Yourself While Paddling With Our Rafting and Kayak Helmets!

While you don’t necessarily need one for a relaxing excursion across the lake or pond, you certainly need a kayak helmet before you paddle into the whitewater or the surf! We love kayaking and rafting ourselves - but we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the potential dangers certain adventures present.

Without a whitewater kayaking helmet, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk if you tip over - there’s no telling what stumps or rocks wait underneath the current, so do what you can to protect your melon!

As your whitewater helmet is one of the most important pieces of kayak gear you’ll buy, there’s no doubt you want to invest in the best of the best. That’s exactly what you’ll find here at Outdoorplay - so shop now and be prepared for your next outing!

The Three Different Types Of Kayaking or Rafting Helmets

There are three main kayak helmet configurations available to stand-up paddlers, kayakers and rafters. The most common are open face helmets that come in either the half-cut or full-cut configuration.

Half-cut rafting helmets sit above the ears providing good protection for the skull as well as good drainage.

Full-cut kayak helmets, on the other hand, come down over the ears providing additional protection and insulation.

Full-face kayak helmets provide protection to the jaw and lower portion of the face, but sometimes don’t drain as effectively and can be uncomfortable on the ears in rough conditions. These whitewater helmets are more suited to experienced paddlers who need a great deal of protection.

Reasons To Buy A Whitewater Helmet At Outdoorplay Today!

We offer the best paddling helmets out there - with whitewater helmet options along with options for less intense excursions, too. You’ll find the top brands at the best prices, including Sweet Protection Kayak Helmets, NRS, WRSI Helmets, and Pro-Tec. If you come across a better price than what you see here - we’ll price match it for you!

You want your kayak helmet to be one that is a good balance of strong and comfortable. Obviously, you don’t want it moving around on your head - so ensure proper sizing before you head out on the water.

With all that said, we’re here to help you get the perfect rafting or kayak helmet. As kayakers, we take great pride in serving this community and allowing everyone to have more fun while staying safe. Reach out via email, phone, or chat - we’re stoked to hear from you! With a money back guarantee, you can buy today risk free.

What Other Kayak or Whitewater Rafting Gear Do You Need To Go With Your Paddling Helmet?

While the whitewater rafting helmet is the most important piece of gear in your arsenal, it’s not the only thing you need for a fun, safe day on the water. You still shouldn’t go out there without a quality life jacket for paddling. We also have all your other necessary kayak accessories - including:

From actual kayaks for sale including a huge selection of inflatable kayaks, to kayak clothing, and everything in between - you’ll find it here at Outdoorplay, so shop now and join us out on the water!