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Inflatable kayaks are the most popular selling boats on the water, and for good reason. Blow-up kayaks are easy to transport and easy to store. Click to shop by capacity or activity type to find the inflatable kayak that fits your needs.

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Enjoy Portability & Versatility With Our Blow Up Inflatable Kayaks!

While our hardshell kayaks and folding kayaks are great choices, you cannot beat the portability and versatility an inflatable kayak provides! These make it easier than ever to enjoy the water without overpacking, saving space for more kayak clothing, kayak accessories, and food.

Because an inflatable kayak can easily be deflated when not in use, storing them is a breeze too. Just place the boat back in its box and put it on a shelf - a blow up kayak won’t take up much space at all.

They are also super lightweight, making it easy for transportation. You will also love how much more affordable these blow up inflatable kayak options are than a hardshell boat.

Purchase your perfect blow up kayak right here at Outdoorplay today!

Why Buy Your Next Blow Up Inflatable Kayaks At Outdoorplay?

When buying an inflatable kayak, we have an abundance of choices, from 1-person or 2-person kayaks! You’ll find the top brands in the industry, like Advanced Elements, AIRE, AquaGlide, Sea Eagle, and more, at unbeatable prices - all backed up by our amazing customer support team. Shop now or reach out - we’re here to help you find the perfect watercraft for your needs!

Most of them even come with a handy traveling bag, which can be used as a backpack or duffle bag when not storing the boat.

You may be under the impression that because these are inflatable, they are less durable than other types. But that is not the case. These blow up kayaks are made super durable with a tough, puncture-resistant material.

And, we offer free shipping on these boats along with a price match guarantee - helping you get the boat you want for the best price possible. All of this is backed up with our money-back guarantee - so you can shop in confidence today!

Find Inflatable Kayaks For 2 Person or 1 Person

Whether you prefer a gentle day of paddling across a calm body of water or you want to challenge yourself with some white-water rapids, we have choices for you! In fact, many of our boats are even 2 or 3 seaters:

With all kinds of sizes ranging from 8’ to 16’, every color you can imagine, and all sorts of weight ratings - you don’t have to compromise when you shop here!

We’ve Got All The Gear To Complement Your New Inflatable Kayaks!

Along with these inflatable kayaks, we have all types of other kayak gear and other kayak accessories to help you enjoy this activity to the fullest: