Wetsuits for Kayaking, Paddleboarding, & White-Water Rafting

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Stay warm with a wetsuit for kayaking, paddleboard, or rafting. Filter by price range, size, gender, brand, or color to find your perfect kayak, rafting, or SUP wetsuit.


Paddle Year-Round Comfortably With Our Wetsuits for Paddle Boarding!

Unlock comfortable paddling year-round with wetsuits for paddle boarding! You don’t have to call it quits and store your kayak, raft, or canoe once summer ends with paddleboard wetsuits!

From whitewater rafting to relaxed kayaking, our paddleboard wetsuits keep you warm and dry from splashes and allow you to submerge yourself in the water without worry.

Those who love the water agree with us - a wetsuit for kayaking is one of the most vital pieces of kayak clothing. Don’t be unprepared the next time you hit the water and it’s chilly - buy your wetsuit for kayaking today!

What Are the Different Types of Wetsuits for Kayaking, Paddling, & Rafting?

We have quality full-body neoprene wet suits, drysuits, and spring shorty paddle board wetsuits. These move with you for better kayaking performance, allowing room to layer for an even warmer wetsuit experience.

When choosing a kayak wetsuit, determine whether you want to go full-body or half-body. Most Farmer John kayak wet suits come without sleeves, which is not a factor.

A whole-body kayaking wetsuit is better suited for colder weather and water. In contrast, a Farmer John kayak wetsuit is perfect for summer conditions.

No matter which one of our recreational wetsuits you choose, always remember to dress for the elements when kayaking. That means grabbing the rest of your apparel, which we have here!

Find the Best White Water Rafting Wetsuit Collection Right Here at Outdoorplay

There is no better place to shop for white-water rafting wetsuits than here - and once you spend a day on the water with it, we’re confident you’ll agree.

We offer many variants—all the ones we covered above—from your favorite brands. You’ll find Kokatat, Stohlquist, and NRS, among many others. If you’re on a budget or want the best whitewater rafting wetsuit, you'll find it here. And you can stretch that budget even further with free shipping over $49!

We’re positive you’ll love your rafting or kayaking wetsuit once you get your hands on it. But if you’re unsure, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You can shop confidently today knowing that if you aren’t in love with your wetsuit, you can return it for a full refund.

We Have the Rest of the Essentials to Go With Your Paddling Wetsuit, Too!

On top of these paddling wetsuit options, we have many other choices if you’re not into neoprene protection - such as paddling jackets, drysuits, and dry tops. These will also offer protection from the elements. Still, some believe these are more breathable and comfortable than typical paddling wetsuit tops. These will also protect from the elements, but some believe these are more breathable and comfortable than a wetsuit for paddling.

Along with your white-water rafting wetsuit, you’ll need the rest of your kayak apparel to ensure you’re prepared:

Aside from just apparel, you’ll find every type of kayak gear you’ll need - from storage racks to dry bags, paddles to trailers, and even kayaks! Shop now or seek advice on the perfect paddle board wetsuits for you - we’re kayakers and love helping the community!