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Stay warm and dry with quality kayak pants or wetsuit bottoms. You can filter by price range, size, gender, brand, or color to find your perfect waterproof kayak pants for your adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out the right size of paddling pants?

Sizing varies by manufacturer and style of pants. Each pant will have a sizing chart to help guide you to the best fit.

How do I get the right top for my paddling pants?

You can select a top to go with your pants based on the type of paddling you'll be doing and the level of dryness you're hoping to achieve. Some pant models will have a top with the same name, making matching your pants and top easy.

Will paddling pants keep me dry?

Paddle pants are primarily designed to repel splash and spray. The material itself is waterproof, but the seams may not be sealed, and the waist and ankle closures may not be designed to seal out water. You'll want to look at dry pants or suits for complete immersion protection.

Be Prepared for Any Conditions with Rafting, Paddling, and Kayak Pants!

Be prepared for whatever conditions mother nature throws at you by grabbing a pair of rafting, paddling, and kayak paddling pants here at Outdoorplay. Don’t worry about getting wet – these pants protect you from cold water and keep you comfortable all day!

By shopping for dry pants for kayaking and the rest of your boating gear with us, you can access the industry’s top brands at prices that suit your budget. You don’t have to break the bank getting a pair of quality kayaking splash pants! Shop now or read below to learn everything you need to understand before buying your next pair of kayak pants.

When Should You Use Kayak Splash Pants?

Kayak splash pants are one of your arsenal's most essential kayak clothing. Most are waterproof, breathable, and designed to withstand the changing elements. They feature a roomy fit that allows easy layering, letting you kayak longer, no matter the paddling conditions. These kayak pants are made from ultra-lightweight materials- usually nylon or polyester- so they dry out quickly.

It’s important to note that these kayak splash pants are not 100% waterproof and won’t insulate the way other types of clothing will. For icy conditions, you may want to go all in and get a kayak drysuit or add a dry top with your pant set-up.

What Makes Our Collection of Dry Kayak Pants for Paddling So Great?

At Outdoorplay, our diverse collection of kayak pants is extraordinary - we offer the top brands at the best prices and provide the best service. You’ll find your favorites, such as Kokatat, Level 6, and even NRS - among many others - these companies have a reputation for building the highest-quality paddling dry pants and kayak gear on the market, so you can rest assured you’re getting quality.

Some of our kayak pants even include built-in SPF sun protection, making them an excellent choice for sit-on-top kayaking. Some kayak dry pants feature neoprene ankle gaskets that do a decent job of keeping water out. So, no matter what type of rafting pants you’re after - you’ll find them here.

Find Everything Else You Need, Along with Your Pants for Paddling, Here at Outdoorplay!

Now, all left is to grab your dry paddling pants and check out! While you’re here, consider what else you need for your next expedition - because, as mentioned earlier, we are your one-stop-shop for kayaking or rafting. Along with these awesome kayak dry pants, we offer paddling shorts for those warmer days on the water. You’ll also find the following collections:

With dozens of men’s & women's dry pants for kayaking to choose from, Outdoorplay is your one stop shop for all of your watersport essentials.