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Are you looking for neoprene booties or water boots for paddling? Use the filters by size, brand, color, and price range to find your next pair of neoprene water shoes for kayaking, rafting, and every other water adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are neoprene booties?

Neoprene booties, wetsuits, or wet shoes are designed specifically for use in and around water. They improve grip on slippery surfaces and help protect your feet from rocks. Most also maximize mobility over support to make them easier to swim with.

Are neoprene booties waterproof?

No, neoprene booties are not waterproof. Like wetsuits, they are designed to keep your feet warm when wet. By trapping the water inside the bootie, your body warms it up.

Can I wear neoprene booties as regular shoes?

Yes. But please note neoprene booties typically don’t breathe well, so they may get warm and a bit sweaty when out of the river, lake, or ocean. They may also not have the same support as your typical shoes.

Can I wear socks with neoprene booties?

Yes, you can wear socks with water shoes to add additional warmth and foot protection.

What are neoprene booties made of?

Neoprene booties typically have neoprene upper and rubber lower and come in high- and low-- cut versions.

Protect Your Feet While You Paddle With Our Neoprene Boots & Booties For Kayaking!

Our premium line of neoprene boots and booties are a must-have for anyone who kayaks or is into paddling. Otherwise, you risk harming your feet from rocks and other dangers you experience while kayaking. Plus, who wants to deal with cold feet?

With so many different styles and brands to choose from, the collection of neoprene kayak boots we offer here at Outdoorplay is unparalleled. We promise you’ll find the perfect pair of water boots for you!

Next time you go paddling, you’ll feel confident and secure hopping in your kayak and walking around onshore or in the water. Let’s take a look at the different styles we offer.

Neoprene Boots vs Neoprene Booties - Which Is Right For You?

In this collection, you’ll find that we offer both neoprene boots and neoprene booties - what are the differences between these classifications?

Well, they differ in terms of how high up the footwear comes. As you can imagine, booties are a smaller version of water boots. They end at your ankle, whereas water boots will come up your shin a few inches. And both are made from neoprene, which differs from other water shoes or water socks.

When shopping for yourself, consider how much protection you want from cold water and what other clothing or kayak gear you’ll wear.

Why Buy Kayak Booties At Outdoorplay?

Nobody offers a better selection of kayak boots and booties than we do at Outdoorplay. We source from the top vendors in the industry, like NRS and Astral, and offer these products at affordable prices so you can enjoy what you love without breaking the bank.

Many of our neoprene booties include a convenient side-entry zipper that makes it simple to put on over bare feet, wet socks, or kayak drysuit socks. Our water boots come available in varying sole thicknesses so that you can choose the right pair for your next adventure.

These paddle booties aren’t the only type of paddling footwear we offer! You’ll also find standard neoprene shoes and socks to keep your feet dry and warm.

Along with footwear, we have covered all your other kayak accessories - from clothing to kayak paddles and everything in between!

Find Top Water Booties Brands At Affordable Prices

When you shop at Outdoorplay, you can access the best water boots online from the industry's top vendors. You’ll find Level 6, Kokatat, Stohlquist, NRS, and more!

With so many great options, the only tricky part is determining which pair of water booties is right for you - they’re all pretty amazing!

Rest assured, they’ll get the job done, too. They don’t just look stylish and professional - they’ll give you the confidence you need to scramble ashore or venture out into the water. We promise you’re safe from rocks, slips, and water-dwelling creatures!

The Kinetic is an excellent choice if you want more traditional NRS neoprene paddling booties. Made of 3mm neoprene with a 1.5mm rubber non-marking sole, the unisex Kinetics are low profile and very flexible, making them popular for all types of boating. A naturally shaped toe box provides a roomy, non-binding fit to help with your balance, whether scrambling over rocks or standing up on your paddleboard. If you are looking for neoprene boots to cover your ankle bones but still keep a low profile for those tighter cockpits, check out the 3mm double-lined neoprene Kokatat Seeker Kayak Shoes. These pull-on boots are ultra-lightweight and highly flexible and offer a single-hand adjustable shock cord lacing with a neoprene cover to prevent snags. 

You may need NRS neoprene boots over the attached socks of a drysuit or pants, and you want something easy on and off without crushing your toes. The zippered Men’s and Women’s Paddle Wetshoes from NRS are the way to go! These wet shoes are built to last by combining thick neoprene uppers with a soft, warm interior, supportive shims, and reinforced materials in high-wear areas. And they are a staff favorite, too!

Popular with sea kayakers, ocean boaters, and canoeists are the NRS Boundary Boots. 5 mm neoprene uppers, liquid-sealed exterior, and taped interior seams guarantee warmth and dry feet. They are the perfect boots for mucky put-ins and soggy portages. These knee-high waterproof boots are ready for your next water adventure! And should you need additional warmth with them, the Boundary Neoprene Socks are designed to be as tall as the boots.

If you need extra warmth, use a neoprene sock to act like a wetsuit for your feet. NRS makes Neoprene Sandal Socks worn with your sandals and are great for keeping sand from getting between your toes and holding in heat. There are also 2mm Neoprene socks that are a bit taller, like the Level 6 Photon Neoprene Socks or the NRS Neoprene Wetsocks. The Kokatat Hydrus Launch Socks help keep your feet completely dry in extreme conditions. Waterproof and breathable Hydrus 3.0 fabric repels water and transfers water vapor, while a durable outer layer provides protection. You can wear these over socks and under your paddle booties.

Helpful Tips to Remember: If you are a ½ size, go up. Women’s sizes are usually one (1) size down from the unisex sizing. And if you are wearing shoes or boots over a drysuit or dry pants with attached socks, you’ll want to make sure that you go up a size to allow room for the fleece or wool socks you’ll be wearing underneath for warmth. It’s not uncommon to have summer paddling shoes and a size larger pair for winter. 

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