Astral Water Shoes

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Protect your feet when on the river with a pair of Astral Water Shoes. You can filter by price range, size, or color to find the perfect pair of Astral water shoes for your next adventure.

Astral water shoes have become incredibly popular over the last decade. Started in 2002, Astral has always been deeply committed to building the best performing products for wilderness athletes. Their focus has continued to be building products in the least toxic, lowest impact methods. Astral has won awards for their paradigm changing water shoe footwear designs, and have developed the stickiest rubber ever worn on wet rocks. Acutely aware of the quantity of plastics that end up in our rivers and oceans, in 2020 Astral switched the majority of their shoes' upper materials to hemp or 100% post-consumer recycled materials to continue their environmental mission. Way to go Astral!

Probably the most well known water shoes from Astral are the Men’s Brewers and the Women’s version, the Brewesses. The look of a modern, stylist sneaker combines with a super-sticky G-Rubber out sole, balanced geometry mid-sole, and water-ready uppers to create a kayak shoe that is at home on the river or in the city. Holes front and back of the midsole drain water while the mesh uppers vent hot air to keep you comfortable. No matter where your adventures take you, you’ll want to have your Brewers or Brewesses.

For the minimalist water shoe enthusiasts, Astral created the Men’s and Women’s Loyaks. The self-draining outsole promotes excellent balance and a natural grounded feel. Hydrophobic canvas uppers with a stretch mesh tongue and flat laces provide a reliable fit and are virtually indestructible. It’s easy to fall in love with the low volume, high performance, superlative grip in the award winning lifestyle shoes, the Loyaks.

If you are looking for a lighter, more durable, fast drying water boot with phenomenal gripping powers, look no further than the unisex sized Astral Hiyak Water Shoes. The Hiyak is Astral’s take on a proper bootie, offering ground-conforming stability, foot protection and insulation all without the use of neoprene. The Hiyaks are like boating high-top shoes with padded ankle protection and  semi-rigid heel cups. The incredible flex and feel of the soles are perfect for heightened grip and balance while scrambling over wet rocks or portages. Toe and heel drainage holes allow water to escape while keeping out sand and silt and hidden water-resistant laces with protective Velcro overflap allow for a custom fit. When you are ready to up your game and run the gnar, keep your grip sure as you scout the next drop in the Astral Hiyak Water Shoes.

Astral has also introduced two new boating sandals recently, the Men’s and Women’s Webber and the PFD Sandals. Both sandals pair the adjustable webbing of Astral’s award-winning life jackets with the balanced geometry and super sticky G Rubber grip of their world renowned Loyak water shoes.  With the Webber, you can free your feet without sacrificing a secure, shoe-like fit with their most breathable, open top sandal design. Inspired by the needs of class V river guides, the Men’s and Women’s PFD Sandals feature a purposefully built thwart pad to provide the wearer comfort while wedging their foot under raft thwarts, and allows the PFD Sandals to be cinched tight. Whichever style you choose, an Astral sandal  is built to run, jump, swim and climb, in and around the river.

When you buy a pair of Astral Water Shoes, know that you are purchasing well thought out and incredibly well designed shoes for any kayaking situation. Good for your feet and good for the environment. That’s Astral! You may also be interested in layering a pair of water socks under your booties. And remember, you can find all your kayaking gear and accessories here at Outdoorplay!