Kayak Cradle & Saddle Racks

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Easily and Safely Transport Your Boat With Our Kayak Saddles & Cradles!

There’s no sense in trying to rig your own sketchy roof rack or let your kayak hang out your trunk. Instead, invest in a kayak saddle or cradle to easily and safely transport your boat from home to the water!

These are far more affordable than a trailer, and they don’t take up any valuable garage or driveway space. They’re completely safe for your vehicle, so you won’t have to worry about scratching or scuffing your paint when you travel with your boat.

And with so many different styles and brands to choose from, the perfect kayak cradle is just waiting for you to find it here at OutdoorPlay. From Malone, Thule, and Yakima - we’ve curated the #1 collection of kayak roof racks online, so shop now!

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Kayak Roof Rack

Our kayak cradles and roof racks collection is super diverse - as you’ll uncover once you get to browsing around. How do you ensure a perfect fit, though?

Consider the size of your boat, first and foremost. A bigger boat will need bigger cradles, and vice versa. Many of these kayak saddles can actually attach to your roof or to a trailer - whichever you prefer.

One other thing to consider when buying a kayak roof rack is the style of your boat. Certain kayak cradles only work with certain boats - so see if we have a compatible option for you. And when in doubt, give us a ring - we’re here to help.

What Makes Outdoorplay The No-Brainer Choice For Kayak Cradles & Saddles?

There are all sorts of options when it comes to kayak cradles and saddles online. And yet, only one of these is really worth your time - Outdoorplay. What makes us special?

Part of it is the brands and products we carry, but if you ask any of our customers - they’ll likely tell you it is the little things we do. Free shipping, price matching, no sales tax, and a risk-free 100% money back guarantee are just a few of the ways we separate ourselves from the competition. We have options starting out at under $100, so you don’t have to break the bank getting a quality kayak roof rack. And, you don’t have to compromise on quality either - like we said, we only source from the top brands in the industry.

As lifelong kayakers ourselves, we know our stuff - and we’re here to help you! Whether you’re an experienced kayaker looking to upgrade or you’re entirely green - we’re excited to have you here and share this passion with us.

We’re just a phone call or email away - or, hit us up on chat! We can answer any questions you might have and guide you towards an informed, confident purchase.

Round Up The Rest Of Your Kayak Supplies In One Simple Trip!

Our kayak roof racks are great - and if you plan on taking frequent trips with your kayak, they are an absolute must have. But, we also have every other piece of kayak equipment you need to truly enjoy this activity the way it was intended.

Whether you’re looking to buy a kayak or upgrade your wardrobe with some quality kayaking clothes, you’ll find nothing but the best of the best here. Looking for other types of kayak racks? Consider checking out these collections: