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Transport Your Oars or Paddles Safely With Our Kayak Paddle Holder Collection

One thing that often gets overlooked when planning your trip to the water is how you’re going to get your oars or paddles to and from the destination. You’ve thought about your kayak itself and have bought either a kayak trailer or roof rack for it. But - how are you going to get those paddles into your jampacked car?

Sure, you could tie them down to your roof - but the last thing you want to risk is damaging your paddle or worse - losing it on the highway - and having to stop your day of paddling before it ever begins. Plus, even if you have the room in your car - do you really want to load up your backseat with soaking wet paddles? Or, risk one of your clumsy buddies slamming the car door on your paddle blade and damaging it?

That’s why you need to buy a kayak paddle holder at Outdoorplay. These will help you safely and securely get your paddles or oars to and from the water. You won’t risk any damage to your vehicle or the paddles - and you’ll never have to worry about a mishap on the road again.

What Makes Outdoorplay The Best Place To Buy A Kayak Paddle Holder?

Our kayak paddle holder collection features the top products from your favorite kayaking brands in the industry. Whether you prefer Malone or Yakima, we’ve got you covered! Our paddle holders are gentle on your paddle with padding to protect them. And yet, they are strong and secure enough that you can travel with peace of mind knowing you aren’t going to lose any oars on the road.

These vary from ratchet-style paddle carriers to stronger, more durable clamp-style paddle holders. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got an option for you to help you safely and securely travel with your kayak or canoe oars. These are versatile, and most will work with any type of kayak paddle you own.

When you buy kayak paddle racks at Outdoorplay, you get all this quality and versatility at the lowest prices online

We’ll match any price you find that is lower than our offering. Plus, we offer free shipping over $49 coupled with a money-back guarantee*. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your paddle carrier or it isn’t a good fit, just send it back for a full refund!

Find Everything You Need To Store or Transport Your Watercraft At Outdoorplay Today!

These kayak paddle holders are great, and a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast who travels to and from the water in a car. Don’t risk damaging the interior of your car or losing a paddle on the road ever again! Buy yours today and unlock peace of mind and convenience.

While you’re here, grab whatever else you need to store or transport your kayak safely and securely. We’ve got:

Along with these, we’ve got all the kayaking accessories you need to look and feel your best while paddling and enhance your kayaking experience. So, shop now!