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Shop our collection of kayak trailers, the easiest way to transport your boat to the ocean or river. With hundreds of kayak trailers for sale, you can easily narrow your search with the filters to find your perfect boat hauler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kayak trailers worth it?

Yes, kayak trailers are worth the investment if you frequently transport your kayaks, especially several times per week or over a long distance.

Do they make trailers for kayaks?

A kayak trailer is one of the best solutions to transport a kayak.

What is the advantage of a kayak trailer?

Kayak trailers assist in moving around boats while reducing the stress on your vehicles.

How much weight can kayak trailers handle?

The weight capacity of kayak trailers will depend on the model. They range from 400 pounds in the lighter-use trailers to 1000+ pounds in the more robust options.

How fast can kayak trailers go?

The speed limit for towing a kayak trailer varies depending on state laws, but it generally ranges from 55 to 65 miles per hour.

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Tow Your Boat with Ease Using One of Our Kayak Trailers!

If you need to transport multiple boats with plenty of extra gear, a kayak trailer is the way to go. Though if you’d prefer to strap your boat to your rooftop or pickup truck, we have several kayak racksJ-cradle racks and stacker racks available for quick, single boat trips. But with a trailer, you can load up a couple of extra boats, a bike, a cooler, and all sorts of other things for your expedition. If that's the case - you need a high-quality kayak trailer!

Find the Perfect Kayak Trailer!

Here at Outdoorplay, we have the best kayak trailers for sale. These are cost-effective, versatile, and can be purchased in various sizes and styles! Use our filtering options to choose the trailer size you need from:

All these kayaking trailer options are for sale from the top brands in the industry, like Malone and SylvanSport. Here at Outdoorplay, you'll find only the best of the best at prices that work for your budget!

These trailers are a great way to transport your boat because they allow more kayaks and gear to be loaded, saving you space on your roof, tailgate, or even inside your vehicle or truck bed! Many of these come with a second tier for more space-saving capabilities, and they are also far more accessible to load up than your typical roof rack.

You may need a simple, single-boat trailer. Or you're looking for a 4-kayak trailer so you and your whole family or friends can travel easily together. Whatever the case, you'll find the perfect travel trailers here.

Other Kayak Storage Essentials, Gear, and Accessories

Along with kayaking trailers, racks, and other transportation essentials - you'll find all the kayak storage racks you need, along with storage bags to keep your boat in pristine condition and out of the way while not in use. And if you’re in the market, you can find your next kayak for sale to make your next adventure as fun, comfortable, and safe as possible!

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