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Transporting multiple boats to the water is easy with a 2 kayak trailer. You can filter all double kayak trailers by price range, size, or brand.

2 kayak trailer

Sharing your next water adventure with a friend is easy if you own a double kayak trailer! With a kayak trailer set up for two, you’ll have an easy time getting you and your buddy to the put-in in style. It’s always recommended to paddle safely and that usually means paddling with at least 1 other person. Depending on the size of your kayaks and the shape of their hulls, there’s a trailer that will be perfect for you. Let’s discuss several models of double kayak trailers to determine which one you’ll need to meet your specific hauling needs.

The smallest of the kayak trailers is the Malone EcoLight Kayak Trailer.  This model trailer is designed to haul kayaks less than 14 feet long and can carry up to 400 pounds. Malone offers 2 trailer packages depending on how you want, or need, to haul your boats. If you need to transport the 2 kayaks with their hulls down on the crossbars, then you’ll love the Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer. This package comes with padded V-style carriers  that hug the hulls of your kayaks. The crossbars are only 58 inches wide so you’ll want to make sure that both kayaks can fit laying flat, side by side. If you are concerned about the width of your kayaks then you might want to carry them on their side with the Malone EcoLight 2-Boat J-Rack Kayak Trailer Package. Either option is just perfect for those smaller boats.

Stepping up the size, Malone offers their MicroSport trailers.  This model trailer can carry kayaks up to 20 feet in length and can haul up to 800 pounds. The MicroSport trailer comes in several different packages that feature accessories to fit the hull of your particular kayaks. The most popular is the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat FoldAway-J Kayak Trailer Package that hauls the kayaks on their sides. There’s even room between the two J-cradles to strap down a third kayak or even paddles since the crossbars are 78 inches long. If you need to transport two kayaks hull down you’ve got three choices to best suit your needs. If your kayaks are recreational or touring kayaks with a more V-shaped hull then you’ll love the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package. If your kayaks are sit-on-tops or maybe even fully rigged fishing kayaks then you would prefer the Malone MicroSport 2-Boat Saddle Up Pro Kayak Trailer Package with it’s independently pivoting, hull-hugging cradles to hold your kayaks firmly and securely in place. And if you’re a bunk boater for ease of loading and unloading then you’ll love the Malone MicroSport 2 Kayak Bunk-Style Trailer Package with it’s fully covered bunks perfect for carrying two medium to large fishing kayaks.

Recently Malone has added another entry into their MicroSport line-up, the Malone MicroSport LowBed Kayak Trailer. With the LowBed models, the crossbars are lowered to be closer to the ground making the MicroSport LowBed trailers perfect for backing into the water to unload your kayaks. And with those sit-on-top fishing kayaks getting heavier and heavier as they get tricked out to be a professional angler’s dream vessel, the LowBed model has become a huge hit! You can choose between the Malone MicroSport LowBed 2 Kayak Bunk-Style Trailer Package or the Malone MicroSport LowBed 2-Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package. Speaking of the professional angler, check out these double decker trailers with extras. Malone MicroSport LowBed 2-Boat Bunk-Style Kayak Trailer with 2nd Tier is the same great MicroSport LowBed trailer with bunks, but also includes a storage Cargo16 Rooftop Box and a Fishing Rod Storage Tube that can hold up to 6 rods. It’s really hard to beat those MicroSport LowBed trailers with the 2nd Tier! There’s a package with the Saddle-up Pro’s as well as the Bunks so you can get exactly the model you want and that suits your exact needs.

If you are planning to haul some major weight, or after the true professional angler rig, then you’ll want to step up to the MegaSport Trailer. These fully loaded trailers can haul you and your fishing buddy’s Hobie kayaks and all the gear you need! The Malone MegaSport 2-Boat SaddleUp Pro Ultimate Angler Trailer Package features two sets of SaddleUp Pro cradles, sliding storage drawer, 2nd tier load bars, wet gear basket, two sets of rod storage tubes, a milk crate cage, and a spare tire. Now that’s a kayak fisherman’s dream trailer!

Kayaking is always better when you go paddling with a friend. And a 2-kayak trailer can get the both of you to your favorite kayaking spot with ease. Also, don't forget about the essential kayak accessories. Stay safe and have fun. Happy paddling!