Single Kayak Trailers

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Single kayak trailers have become incredibly popular in the last few years. If you're going solo with only one boat, consider a single kayak trailer to make the transportation as easy as possible.

If you need an easy way to transport your boat to and from your favorite paddling destination, look no further than a single kayak trailer. These days you have many options to choose from, depending on the size of your kayak, the shape of its hull, and how you want to secure it. Here we will look at some of the most popular 1-kayak trailers on the market today.

The smallest of the kayak trailers is the Malone EcoLight Kayak Trailer. This model trailer is designed to haul kayaks less than 14 feet long and can carry up to 400 pounds. And one of the easiest set-ups for one kayak is the Malone EcoLight 1-Boat Kayak Trailer Package. This package includes the Malone EcoLight Trailer with a set of bunks to haul one kayak. Why fight with loading your recreational  kayak on top of your vehicle when you can pull a trailer instead!

Stepping up the size, Malone offers their MicroSport trailers.  This model trailer can carry a kayak up to 20 feet in length and can haul up to 800 pounds. The crossbars are 78 inches long giving you plenty of space for a kayak and a canoe, or a storage box, or even a jon boat. You can pad out the crossbars or you can just strap your gear to the crossbars, whatever is best for you. If your boat is heavy and you want to save your back by keeping it close to the ground, then check out the Malone MicroSport LowBed Trailer. Or if you would like the upgraded model with aluminum diamond tread fenders and a retractable Tongue Kit then you’ll love the Malone MicroSport XT Kayak Trailer.

The Malone MegaSport kayak trailer meets the needs of serious kayak anglers. The MegaSport trailer can handle up to 1000 pounds of loads and is a beast from top to bottom. It can be endlessly customized to meet your fishing needs, and tows so perfectly straight that you will hardly know it's back there. With a crank-assisted jack stand with wheel and a reinforced tongue it can handle just about any fishing kayak on the market today.

If you are looking for a trailer that is completely versatile and ready to handle a variety of your hauling needs, then check out the SylvanSport GoEasy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package. With a diamond-plated gear deck and a watertight front storage box, you can carry kayaks, bikes, cargo, BBQ grill, and/or coolers on your next adventure. The included 79 inch crossbars will fit most roof rack accessories so you can secure your toys on your next adventure.

After a long day out on the water the last thing you will want to do is struggle with securing your kayak to your vehicle’s roof. Make loading and unloading your kayak easier on your body with a kayak trailer. If you have more boats, check out our double kayak trailers and our 4-kayak trailers. Once you purchase you’ll soon wonder why you took so long to get one!