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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you have probably heard of stand-up paddle boarding. Paddle boarding, also known as SUP, has been sweeping the entire planet in recent years and is a sport that has a place for everyone, from flat water cruising to surfing, and even whitewater river running! If you are looking for a weekend pastime or even a flat out obsession, then stand-up paddle boarding is a perfect outlet.

Types of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

People stand-up paddle board on every type of water you can imagine with varying disciplines that will accommodate almost everyone. Flat water and recreational stand-up paddle boarding is enjoyed on lakes and oceans all over the world and is not only fun, but also great exercise. If you are looking to explore your waterways then paddling a SUP is the perfect way to take an adventure and cover miles of water. Need some competition? Try SUP racing, where you can compete head to head in a variety of events. Stand-up paddle boards are also right at home in the surf and create a new way to appreciate the waves. How about rivers? Paddle boarding is now taking over whitewater as well, and nothing is quite as exciting as running big rapids on your stand-up board.

Who's doing it?

Stand-up paddle boarding has become so expansive that just about everyone you can think of is out there having a blast! Families looking to spend time together, adventurers seeking new ways of getting to unique locations, surfers who like the challenge of a new way to approach the waves, SUP racers looking to go flat out on the water, river runners taking on the rapids, fitness enthusiasts, yogis, and many more!

If you are looking for a new way to get on the water, stand-up paddle boarding is the perfect vehicle for a plethora of activities that will suit anyone from those looking to relax to those looking for a thrill.

Essential pieces of stand-up paddle boarding gear

Stand-up paddle boarding only requires a few pieces of essential gear making it a convenient sport to take up. There are tons of optional accessories that you can explore once you have the basics down, but a good rule of thumb when buying SUP accessories is to buy the best quality equipment you can afford, especially when it's your safety on the line. Below are the top things you will need to get started.

  • Stand-Up Board - You won't get far without a SUP board!
  • Stand-Up Paddle - Next to your board, this is the most important piece of gear you'll need. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a paddle, including blade size, length, material.
  • Lifejacket (or PFD) - Your lifejacket is one piece of equipment you never want to hit the water without. Just make sure your PFD has been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and that it is designed for stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Board Leash - This is a highly recommended accessory that tethers the SUP board to you to prevent being separated if you fall off the board.
  • Paddling or Kayak HelmetsWhen engaging in water sports, it is crucial to wear a kayaking or paddling helmet for head protection. This gear provides a protective barrier against potential collisions with rocks, logs, or other objects present in the water.
  • Men’s and Women’s Clothing - Stand-up paddle boarding is done is a variety of different climates and season, and having the appropriate clothing is key to be safe as well as comfortable. As a standard rule of thumb always be dress appropriately for immersion.

Top SUP Gear Brands

There are a lot of brands out there that offer stand-up paddling gear, but we consider these brands to be the cream of the crop.