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Seals sprayskirts are one of the most trusted brands in kayaking. When you own a Seal sprayskirt, you can be assured your kayak skirt won't let you down when it counts the most.

A Seals spray skirt is used to keep splash and spray out of your kayak when kayaking. Without a doubt, some of the best products on the Market today are made by the company Seals Sprayskirts. For almost 40 years Seals has been cutting and sewing their skirts, cockpit covers, and accessories in New York. In fact, Seals is one of the few remaining paddlesports soft-goods brands still manufacturing completely in the USA! And we carry a full line of top quality Seals products.

We divide the skirts into 2 main categories, flatwater and whitewater. Flatwater spray skirts are good for lakes, bays, slow moving rivers, and calm open water ocean kayaking. Whitewater kayak spray skirts are designed for whitewater boating or big water ocean waves. Let’s go into the major design differences in these two styles of kayak skirts in detail.

Most flatwater spray skirts are considered light to moderate use and are made of nylon with a bungee rand that goes around the cockpit coaming of your kayak. The Seals Adventurer Kayak Spray Skirt or the Inlander Nylon Kayak Spray Skirt are both basic nylon skirts that keep the splash and spray out of your cockpit at a budget friendly price. If you need to access the inside of your cockpit without removing your skirt, check out the Seals Sneak Zippered Kayak Spray Skirt. It features a zipper down the tunnel that can be unzipped while wearing the included suspenders without taking off the skirt. Good intermediate touring skirts are the Seals Skirts Coastal Tour Kayak Spray Skirt or the most breathable Tropical Tour Kayak Spray Skirt. For the more aggressive sea kayaking or when you might be rolling your boat a lot in the ocean but you don’t want to go with a whitewater skirt with all neoprene you might like one of Seals more hybrid style skirts, like the Seals Sea Sprite Kayak Spray Skirt or the Seals Extreme Neoprene Kayak Spray Skirt. Both of these feature a neoprene deck but a waterproof and breathable fabric tunnel with suspenders.

Seals Whitewater Spray Skirts are made of all neoprene, neoprene deck and a neoprene tunnel. This allows for a dry cockpit since the skirt is sized to you and your boat. Seals also offers two styles of rand on their skirts. The rand is where the skirt attaches to the cockpit coaming of your kayak. Seals offers a Bungee Rand on their skirt, like the Seals Skirts Surf Neoprene Kayak Spray Skirt or the Shocker Whitewater Kayak Spray Skirt. Seals also manufactures a tighter, rubber randed skirt with a contoured micro-ribbed rubber rand that locks tightly to your cockpit rim, preventing water from entering your boat. It's snug and doesn't stretch much at all. The Seals Pro Rand Whitewater Kayak Spray Skirt is a very popular choice among whitewater boaters, and a personal favorite. Seals uses the term “Pro” to indicate Aramid (kevlar)  reinforcements to protect from the paddle wear and prolongs the skirt’s life. You'll see that with both the Pro Rand and the Pro Shocker Whitewater Kayak Spray Skirt.

Now, the biggest question is sizing. Seals has a proprietary sizing method that accounts for the length and width of the cockpit, seat height and seat placement, and then assigns a value to those measurements. Seals has a library of cockpit tracings for just about every kayak ever manufactured. If you have any questions, just give us a call and we can work with Seals to find you the right skirt for you! 

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