Outdoor Kayak Storage Racks

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If you lack space in your garage, you may have to consider outdoor kayak storage. Filter by price range, product type, or brand to shop our outdoor kayak storage racks.

If you lack space in your garage, you may have to consider outdoor kayak storage racks. Storing your kayak and kayak accessories outside isn't the end of the world. You have many different kayak storage rack options to keep your kayak secure. From free standing options to wall mounting racks you are sure to find the best rack for your needs. We will go over several styles below.

The simplest option for a way to hold your kayak off the ground that can be used inside or outside would be the Suspenz Heavy Duty Portable Kayak Stand. This sawhorse like design is made of UV-resistant canvas webbing and large diameter heavy-duty aluminum and has the added advantage of being portable so you can take it with you. If you have a larger kayak or canoe, you'll love the ease of the Suspenz Big Catch Heavy Duty Work Station. Just as handy as the Portable Kayak Stand, only the Big Catch can handle weight of up to 300 pounds! And it, too, is portable.

Another stand alone option for outdoor kayak storage would be the Malone Free Standing Racks. The Free Standing Racks come in several different arm configurations to handle all of your kayaks, and even your other outdoor toys. There's the double sided Malone 6 Kayak Free Standing Storage Rack for just your kayaks or perhaps you need the Malone 2 Kayak + 2 SUP + 6 Ski Free Standing Outdoor Storage Rack. No matter what you're storing, Malone has a rack just for you and your family! And if you need to move the free standing rack around, Malone offered caster wheels to fit their racks. Get one set for the 1-side racks or lighter racks, but get 2 sets of casters for the 2-sided racks to make it easier to roll the Malone free standing rack around. Suspenz also makes free-standing racks, like the 2-Boat Deluxe Free-Standing Storage Rack or the Marine Grade 2-Boat Deluxe Free-Standing Storage Rack. Both are made to securely hold 2 kayaks.

The last selection of outdoor storage options for kayaks would be the wall-mounted options. If you are looking for a simple J-hook option, you'll find the Seattle Sports Kayak Wall Cradles or the Malone HighRise Kayak Wall Mount are both perfect for the job. Are you wanting a basic option to hold 2 kayaks then check out the Malone J-Dock Kayak Storage Rack. If you prefer to spread the weight of the kayak evenly with less distortion to the kayak in warmer weather you'll want to look at the J-racks that also offer a strap like the Suspenz Deluxe Kayak Storage Rack or the Suspenz Big EZ Kayak Storage Rack. And if you live at the beach check out the Marine Grade version of both of these. If you are looking for a rack that can be mounted to the side of the dock then the Suspenz Marine Grade Over-Water 2-Boat/SUP Dock Frame is just what you're looking for.

There are so many ways to store your kayak outdoors. Pick the one that fits your unique situation and the one that will hold your boat securely. If you have any questions or need help in locating the perfect rack for you, just give us a call. We are here to help!