River Float Tubes

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More and more people are finding river tubes to be a great way to enjoy the river. Shop all our river float tubes for sale by filtering by price range, size, brand, or color.

Float in Bliss & Comfort with Our Inflatable River Tubes!

Sometimes you just want to head out for a relaxing day on the river with no paddling - just complete bliss and relaxation as you gently float down a stream.

With river float tubes, you can start at the top and let the gentle current guide you down. This can be an incredibly peaceful and serene experience, but only if you do it right. You have to choose the right river, the right group of friends, bring the right snacks and supplies, and of course, find the right inflatable river tubes for river floating.

Fortunately for you, here at Outdoorplay, we’ve got the best river tubes for sale online. From top brands like NRS, AIRE, Star Inflatables, and more, these river tubes are the premier choices across the industry.

Why Is Outdoorplay the Right Place to Shop for the Best River Tubes?

You may be thinking to yourself, does it really matter which one you go with when it comes to river tubes for river floating? They are more or less the same, right? Wrong.

Some river float tubes provide way more support and cushion than others. This really adds up over the course of a long day on the water. For example, some of these river tubes for sale come with a mesh trampoline-style floor to help hold you up and keep you comfortable all day long.

Then, you also have to consider the durability that certain river float tubes offer. The last thing you want is to waste your time and money trying to find a cheap tube, only to have it rip or tear after a few uses. When you shop the selection here at Outdoorplay, this won’t be a concern. Many of our tubes feature a urethane-coated polyester to reinforce the bottom. This will offer unparalleled protection from shallow waters so you never have to worry about a blowout.

We’ve Got Much More Than Just River Float Tubes!

It’s true - Outdoorplay really is the #1 place to shop for river tubes for your next journey on the river, lake, pond, you name it. Even if you just want to head out to your pool with a mimosa to soak up some sun on those hot summer days - these are a great choice.

But, river tubes for floating are just one of the many products you’ll find here at Outdoorplay. We have an entire catalog of goods for the outdoor enthusiast in you. Whether you’re looking for kayak accessorieskayaks for sale or rafts for sale, camping gear, snow gear, you name it - we’ve got it. We’ve even got fishing pontoons, inflatable packrafts, rafting kitchens, rafting toilets, rafting oars, and much more.