Whitewater River Rafts

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Looking for a whitewater river raft? There are a lot of different types of inflatable rafting boats. You can filter our river rafts by price range, size, color, and brand to help narrow the selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rafts are used on rivers?

Gear boats, paddle boats, and oar/paddle rafts are the rafts used in rivers.

What size raft for 6 people?

A 14-15 foot raft should be comfortable for 6 people.

How much weight can a river raft hold?

Most whitewater river rafts can hold from 500 to over 1000 lbs.

How do I figure out the frame size for my raft?

The width of a frame is determined by the width of your raft from center to center of the side tubes. If there isn't an exact match, you'll want a frame slightly wider than the raft width. The length is determined by the flat area between the bow and stern. If there isn't an exact match, you'll want to go slightly shorter.

What are these white marks on my new raft?

When you unroll your new raft, you may notice wrinkles in the fabric that may appear as fold marks or white spots. This is called marbling, and is a result of being folded tightly and boxed for shipping. It does not affect the performance or lifespan of your raft and is not considered a warranty issue. The marks will disappear with time and use, so get out there and enjoy your raft!

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When it comes to the perfect river raft, we have the top brands in the industry, including AIRE, Sea Eagle, Maravia, and Star Inflatables. But we also have river rafts at the best prices - backed up by a price-match guarantee. The diversity in our catalog means we have an inflatable raft for everyone - whether you’re looking for a raft that you can paddle solo or a 16’ raft for the whole family to enjoy. Shop for whitewater rafts now and enjoy free shipping over $50!

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If you’re looking for inflatable whitewater rafts for sale, you’ll find no better selection than right here at Outdoorplay. We’re paddlers ourselves and have curated the top river raft collection in the industry, so you can shop in confidence.

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What to Consider When Shopping for Whitewater Rafting Boats

Before you buy your own river raft, you should consider what you want to get out of it - everyone has different preferences.

If you want a large river raft to carry plenty of people and gear, just know that you’ll sacrifice precision and maneuverability as compared to a smaller river raft. A smaller inflatable raft can also allow for more exciting excursions. Those who plan on using their new inflatable raft for simple day trips will be fine with a 12-13’ raft - perfect for 4-5 people.

But if you’re looking for multi-day white water rafting trips where you want to take more gear and people, you’ll need a bigger inflatable raft. A 13’-16’ river raft can fit anywhere from 2-4 adults, making it a great option for those week-long journeys. If you’re looking for a specific recommendation, just reach out - we can get you set up right the first time.

We’ve Got the Accessories You Need to Go with Your Whitewater Raft Boats

Now you know why we’ve earned a reputation as the #1 place to find inflatable whitewater rafts for sale. Just browse around and find that perfect fit! While you’re here, grab all the essentials you need for that first trip with your new raft boat:

We also have other types of rafts for sale, including whitewater catarafts for sale along with fishing pontoon boats. Shop now and enjoy the great outdoors in style!