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We have a great selection of top quality pack rafts for sale. Use the filters to find the perfect pack raft and shop by size, brand, color, and price range.

Enjoy Lightweight Paddling with Our Collection of Pack Rafts!

Kayaking is one of the absolute best ways to traverse the water, but sometimes you need something lightweight and compact, like one of our pack rafts!

These watercrafts easily break down to fit in your hiking pack or the front of your bike. These pack rafts are small and compact but make no mistake - you’ll be equipped to take on any backcountry traverses or whitewater waves. These pack rafts are perfect for hunters, anglers, adventurers, or paddlers who want to explore areas that are a bit tougher to get to with larger watercrafts or kayaks.

When you shop here at Outdoorplay, you’ll find the best packraft for sale online. Shop top brands like Aquaglide, Advanced Elements, NRS, and more - all at the lowest prices online!

Reasons Outdoorplay has the Best Pack Rafts

When seeking out the perfect packraft for sale online, you’ll want to stick with our experts here at Outdoorplay. We’ve curated the top products from the top brands, so you can shop in confidence knowing you’re getting amazing quality at prices that work for you.

Our collection features the most recent advances in materials, technology, and design innovations. Some of the white-water-specific boats have features such as spray decks, thigh straps, and self-bailing floors. Others have even made use of the tubes as a dry storage compartment to use while the boat is inflated. Whitewater variants tend to be a little heavier than their touring counterparts as they are generally subjected to greater abuse. Nearly all of the best pack rafts will feature lash points for strapping your pack, dry bag, skis, mountain bike, fishing rod, or anything else that needs to be secured while paddling. These are incredibly versatile - and a worthy addition to your arsenal.

If you find the packraft you want elsewhere at a lower price, we’ll match it. This way, you can still shop here at Outdoorplay and feel confident and secure in making your purchase. We even offer free shipping and a money-back guarantee* - so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll love your purchase!

We’ve Got Other Boats for Sale Besides Just Pack Rafts, Too!

It’s no secret we have the best pack rafts and catarafts for sale online. But we have all sorts of other watercraft in our catalog too - you’ll find kayaks for sale, along with canoes for sale!

Find All Your Paddling & Outdoor Essentials in One Place

Along with actual watercraft, you’ll find all your outdoor and paddling essentials such as raft oars right here. No matter what type of kayak accessories you need, we’ve got it - and as always, featuring the top products from your favorite brands.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop now for the best packrafts and grab all your essentials in one place so you can enjoy the great outdoors in style!