Hardshell Kayaks

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Hard shell kayaks are the most durable and versatile boats on the water. You can filter by price range, size, brand, or color to find a hardshell kayak for your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do I need to get with my kayak?

The fundamental essentials for all kayaks are a lifejacket and paddle. Kayaks with decks also use a sprayskirt and flotation. Whitewater paddlers and sea kayakers should wear helmets in rock and surf zones. You'll also want appropriate clothing for the weather and water conditions you'll be paddling in. Dry bags are also essential for storing gear you'll need while on the water.

How do I need to store the kayak?

When possible, choose an indoor location or one that is protected from the elements, such as sheds, garages, or porches. A shady, cool, and dry location helps minimize sun, moisture, or heat damage. If you need to store your boat outdoors, we recommend a cover to protect your boat from the elements and keep little creatures out. Store your boat out of direct sunlight and slightly elevated off the ground.

How do I keep my kayak clean?

We recommend rinsing your kayak after each use, especially in saltwater environments. You'll want to use a mild natural or marine-friendly soap for deeper cleaning. Please check your owner's manual for any specific recommendations.

Do I need a spray skirt for my kayak?

Spray skirts or splash decks are commonly used for kayaks with a cockpit, although some paddlers prefer to use them in something other than flat water environments. Sit-on-top kayaks do not use spray skirts.

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Our hardshell kayaks are built from ultra-durable, UV-resistant, recyclable polyethylene plastic. With the innovative Snap-Tap modular take-apart system, you can easily break the boat down when not in use or during transportation. Most of our ships will easily fit into most cars, small elevators, and even under the bed.

And with the contoured 4-position foot braces, you can stay comfortable while you navigate even the swiftest currents. Here are a few more features that you'll enjoy with:

Our Hard Shell Kayak Collection:

  • 1 Person & 2 Person Sizes

  • Stern tankwell with bungee rigging

  • Water drainage in storage, footwells, and seats

  • Integrated bow carry handle

  • Cup/bottle holders molded in

  • Paddle with a friend or ride solo (multiple seats)

  • Tons of colors available

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