Inflatable Boats

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Get out on the water with an inflatable boat and enjoy the river or ocean. You can filter by price range, size, capacity, brand, or color to find the perfect inflatable boat for your adventure.

Inflatable boat technology has constantly been improving year after year. The inflatable boats that are on the market today are some of the best in the industry. AIRE, AquaGlide, Star, NRS, Hobie, Marivia, Sea Eagle, and Advanced Elements offer some of the best inflatables that you can buy. Whether you are looking for a raft, kayak, cataraft, or pack raft we’ve got you covered.

Why buy an inflatable boat? That question is easy to answer! It’s all about convenience. With an inflatable kayak or raft you don’t have to worry about transportation or getting a fancy roof rack set-up for your vehicle. Just fold or roll your boat up and toss it in the trunk, backseat, or RV. It’s so easy to get it to the water when you don’t have to stress over how you need to haul it. If it’s hidden away in your vehicle you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen either. And what about storage? An inflatable kayak or raft can be easily stored in a closet, shed, or garage without you having to install some fancy storage racks. Just toss it on a shelf and you're good until next season. Taking a vacation? You can easily bring your inflatable along so you don’t have to rent. And some inflatables can even fit in airplanes as a carry-on so you don’t have to check it! There are just so many reasons to love inflatable boats, and with the plethora of designs you’re sure to find exactly the one you need for your next adventure.

Looking for an inflatable raft for whitewater? Or perhaps you need an inflatable kayak for long multi-day touring adventures? There’s a boat for you. Inflatable boats are broken down into activity, like whitewater, flatwater, or fishing. You can further narrow down your inflatable choice by raft, cataraft, kayak, or pack raft. Perhaps your greatest concern is how many folks your inflatable boat can fit? Or maybe your focus is on weight capacity? No matter what your biggest concerns are, there’s an inflatable boat that will suit your needs completely!

Don’t forget your pump! Some of the inflatable boats come with their own pump, but others do not so you need to get one. Not all pumps will fit all the valves that can be found from the different manufacturers. Be sure to check what valves are found on your boat and then confirm that your pump is compatible with that type of valve. Some inflatables are high pressure, or need to be inflated as high as 20 PSI. All pumps will also have a maximum inflation pressure listed so you’ll want to make sure that matches as well. If you are unsure of which one you need, just ask. We’re here to help!