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Outfit you kayak with all the Hobie kayak accessories you need. You can filter by price range, size, product type, or color to find your Hobie kayaking accessories.

You’ve got the Hobie kayak of your dreams, and now it’s time to outfit it with all the cool Hobie kayak accessories you need, exactly where you need it. From lifejackets and anchors to upgraded turbo fins and coolers, Hobie has just what you need to make your kayak just right. Here we will cover some of the add-ons you need to style your kayak into your perfect dream vessel.

First things first, you will need a comfortably fitting lifejacket. Hobie offers several great styles to choose from. Whether you are wanting an inflatable lifejacket, like the waist worn Hobie Inflatable Belt Pack Lifejacket or the horseshoe style like the Hobie Inflatable Lifejacket (PFD), Hobie gives you options. Or perhaps you are looking for a more standard type III lifejacket like the Men’s or Women’s ThinBack Lifejacket. There’s even one styled for the angler, the Fish ThinBack Lifejacket. No matter which one you decide on, you know it’s quality with Hobie’s name on it.

Adding a Hatch to your kayak will give you additional storage space. Hobie offers full Hatch Kits to install a new hatch on your kayak as well as replacement hatches if you damage one on your kayak. You’ll even find Hobie Hatch Liners to help keep gear placed within the hatch secured and contained. Whether you are looking for a round or rectangular hatch for your Hobie kayak, Hobie has one for you!

Hobie also offers a full fine of fishing accessories to outfit your kayak. You'll want a good anchor so that you can stay on top of your favorite fishing hole. If you enjoy sight fishing or want to stand to cast, check out the Hobie H-Bar Kit. The adjustable Hobie H-Bar Kit will integrate with all H-Rail accessories for easy customization. And speaking of H-Rail accessories, Hobie makes several mounts to fit a wide variety of rod holders so you can land the big one. And when you do catch dinner you’ll need a cooler to keep your fish fresh. If you prefer your bait as fresh as your catch, Hobie makes the Livewell V2 Bait Tank and the even larger Livewell XL Bait Tank. These tanks are plug-and-play and fit into the rear storage wells of most Hobie kayaks with scupper holes.

Now that you’ve added some accessories to your Hobie kayak, you might have noticed an increase in the weight of your vessel. A Hobie kayak cart will make it easier to transport your kayak down to your favorite launch spot. The carts are sized for the model of Hobie kayak so pick the one that’s matched to your kayak. And when you’re ready to store your kayak take a look at the Hobie kayak covers. You don’t want any mice or spiders to find a home and take over so you'll want to keep those critters out with a specially sized cover.

When you want to outfit your Hobie kayak you can't go wrong with Hobie accessories. Specifically designed to fit your Hobie, you can really trick out your kayak by putting the accessories you need right at your fingertips. Just what you need, exactly where you want it for true personalized customization.