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Having the right kayak fishing accessories and gear will make your next angling adventure a lot more fun. Find the kayak fishing accessories you need by filtering by price range, size, or brand.

kayak fishing accessories

Learn about the best kayak fishing accessories and gear!

Kayak fishing provides even more adventure while out on the water. You can increase your catch by getting further out from shore, away from other anglers, and drop your lines closer to the fish's hiding spots. From your kayak you can get a good topwater view of what might be hiding under that downed tree or on the other side of a river boulder. And just like your favorite tackle box, you can outfit your boat with kayak fishing accessories that make you an even better fisherman! Here we’ll cover a few of the best Hobie, RAM, and Scotty kayak fishing accessories so that you can make the best of a day out on the water, AND bring home dinner!

First, you want to get a good kayak fishing anchor. It’s important to be able to cast into your favorite fishing hole and stay put as you wiggle and play your bait. The Kayak Fishing Stake-Out Pole or the Kayak Fishing Anchor with Bag & Line connects to the Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit to hold your kayak in the desired position to access the spot the fish are biting.

Perhaps you need a bit of help finding those fishing spots. If you enjoy sight fishing or want to stand to cast, check out the Hobie H-Bar Kit. The adjustable Hobie H-Bar Kit will integrate with all H-Rail accessories for easy customization. And speaking of H-Rail, there are several kayak fishing accessory mounts and rod holders to fit a wide variety of rod holders like the Hobie H-Rail G-Hold Mount,  H-Rail MiniPort Mount, H-Rail Rod Holder, H-Rail RB Starport HD Mount, or the H-Rail Ram Ball Mounts so you can land the big one.

And when you do catch dinner you’ll need a place to keep that fish fresh. Having the right kayak fishing gear like a Soft Cooler/Fish Bag that fits in the front hatch of many roto-molded kayaks. Or the Hobie Pro Angler Bucket/All Cargo Cooler that is designed to fit within a Pro Angler forward hatch liner and will also fit nicely in all other Mirage aft cargo areas making it perfect for your catch of the day. Perhaps you prefer your bait as fresh as your catch? The Livewell V2 Bait Tank and the even larger Livewell XL Bait Tank and the perfect kayak fishing accessories to do the job. These tanks are plug-and-play and fit into the rear storage wells of most Hobie kayaks with scupper holes.

Adding a kayak hatch kit to your kayak will give you additional storage space. As part of our kayak fishing gear line up, we offer full hatch kits to install a new hatch on your kayak as well as replacement hatches if you damage one. You’ll even find hatch liners to help keep gear placed within the hatch secured and contained. Whether you are looking for a round or rectangular hatch for your Hobie kayak, we’ve got it for you!

Now that you’ve added some kayak fishing accessories to your boat, you might have noticed an increase in the weight of your vessel. A good kayak cart will make it easier to transport your boat down to your launch spot. The carts are sized for the model of your boat, so pick the one that’s matched to your kayak. And when you’re ready to store your “angler’s dream” be sure to take a look at a protective kayak cover. You don’t want any mice or spiders to find a home and take over. Keep those critters out.

Don't forget that Outdoorplay also offers a full selection of other important paddling gear including kayak paddles, kayak lifejackets, kayak racks for transportation, and kayak clothing. We also have a huge selection of camping gear, rock climbing equipment, and stand-up paddling boards.

There is just something to be said about the limitless access and experience of fishing on a kayak. By customizing your boat with the right kayak fishing accessories and gear to exactly what you need, and exactly how you need it, it will make for a better angler encounter! Wishing you tight lines my friends!