Women's Paddling Dry Suits

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Stay warm and dry with a paddling women's drysuit. You can filter by price range, size, brand, or color to find the perfect women's dry suit for kayaking or rafting.

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Why Should You Buy a Women’s Drysuit?

Ladies, cold temperatures should never keep us off the water! With a well-fitting women's dry suit, we can enjoy our favorite paddling run year-round. You might even find that you love winter paddling just as much as paddling in the summer when you wear the right kayak gear, like a women’s drysuit!

Women’s Drysuits Are Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Whether you choose a women's dry suit that features a latex neck and wrist gaskets to keep 100% of the water out of your suit, or a semi-dry suit with a punch-thru style neoprene neck gasket that could let a tablespoon or two of water into the suit at the neck, with this handy outerwear garment you’ll be able to keep the cold water from touching your skin. All the dry and semi-dry suits that we carry here at Outdoorplay are completely waterproof and breathable. Most women’s drysuits come with attached waterproof and breathable fabric socks, and some even have a “drop seat” relief zipper for the ease of a woman that needs to go, while on the go.

A women's drysuit is designed to seal out water from touching your body, but it's not necessarily designed to keep you warm. That’s where your layering pieces come in. You'll need to put on layers of fleece or wool underneath the drysuit to provide the actual warmth. Your warm underlayer can be one piece, like with a union suit or you can layer with a 2-piece set of tops and pants.

When putting on or off a women's drysuit , be sure to alway open the gaskets with your hands and not force your head or hands through the gaskets. Do not wear jewelry when putting on your dry suit so you won’t rip or tear your gaskets. And keep your gaskets from drying out by regularly applying 303 Protectant to keep them supple.

Other Accessories to Buy with a Women’s Drysuit for Kayaking at Outdoorplay!

In addition to a women’s drysuit, you will also want to protect the attached socks on your kayak dry suit or semi-dry suit with a pair of neoprene booties or paddling shoes. You might even want to use a changing mat to prevent rocks or thorns puncturing the fabric as you’re pulling on or off the suit.
After you purchase your women's dry suit, take a look at some of our women's specific kayak clothing, kayak lifejackets, drytops, wetsuits, and paddling jackets. Our kayak store has just about anything you could possibly need, including a large selection of kayaks for sale!