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Stay warm and dry with a paddling or kayaking splash jacket. You can filter our splash jackets by price range, size, gender, brand, or color to find your perfect option for your kayak or rafting adventure.

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Unlock the Ultimate Balance of Comfort & Performance With Our Kayak and Rafting Splash Jackets!

If you’ve spent a day paddling before, you know how important the proper kayak apparel is. It can make or break your entire day - it’s the difference between a fun, comfortable day of adventure or a miserable, freezing, soaking wet expedition. If you’re new to kayaking or rafting - then let us be the first to tell you, a paddling jacket is a must-have!

Sometimes, a full-blown drysuit is a bit much - especially if the risk of overturning or rolling is low. When it comes to rafting or canoeing, one of the best pieces of kayak clothing you can buy is a paddling splash jacket! These are splash-proof pieces of clothing that allow you to have a great day on the water without overheating or wearing something too tight.

There are a great alternative to a drysuit or drytop in certain instances because they lack the latex gaskets that can sometimes be a bit too tight - especially for rafting or canoeing. These splash jackets are as comfortable as it gets, all the while protecting you from splashes.

And when you shop here at OutdoorPlay, you not only have access to the best selection of kayak jackets online - you get them at the best prices, with industry-leading service that will have you coming back time and time again. Shop now and see what the hype is all about!

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Why is that?

Well, we’ve curated the industry’s top brands - such as Level Six, NRS, Stolhquist, and Kokatat (among many others) - and offer them at unbeatable prices. Should you come across lower prices elsewhere, just show us and we’ll beat it.

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Some of our kayaking jackets even come equipped with wrist gaskets and a soft neoprene neck for comfort - getting you a better balance between a full-blown dry suit and a splash jacket. These fit nicely over a wetsuit, too - making them more versatile than other versions.

We Have the Rest of The Splash Gear to Match Your New Paddling Jacket, Too!

At this point, all that’s left to do is find your perfect rafting splash jacket so you can enjoy the great outdoors the way they were intended - comfortable and safely! We’re the premier choice for all things kayak gear. When you shop here at Outdoorplay, you can grab everything you need all at once - including:

We even have paddling life jackets to go with your rafting jacket - which is an absolute essential. On top of all this apparel, you’ll find actual boats for sale, storage equipment, and other essentials to make your time on the water as enjoyable, safe, and comfortable as possible. Shop now or reach out for assistance - we’re happy to help you pick the right paddling splash jackets!