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Enjoy the river with AIRE rafts. You can filter by price range, size, capacity, or color to find your perfect AIRE inflatable whitewater raft!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are AIRE rafts made?

Most AIRE rafts are manufactured in Meridian, Idaho, USA, where the AIRE company is based.

What material are AIRE rafts made of?

AIRE rafts are made from micro-yarn base cloth, making them light & tear-resistant.

All AIRE rafts are made in Meridian, Idaho, USA. Each raft, cataraft, and kayak are manufactured to live up to the high standards of whitewater enthusiasts. AIRE stands by their products, which is why they offer the best warranty in the business. And AIRE uses the best materials available. Their PVC is made with a partnership between AIRE and Ferrari and no other manufacturer can get this specially developed PVC.

The material has a high-tenacity polyester micro-yarn base cloth which means it’s light, sturdy, and tear-resistant. They use a 1670 denier weave that is tensioned in all directions before and during the PVC application which gives the fabric exceptional dimensional stability. When you inflate an AIRE boat, it’s rock solid, which leads to better on the water performance. The quality-driven, highly automated and controlled manufacturing of the base fabric means they don’t have to overcompensate with a tighter or heavier weave. Ferrari manufactures AIRE PVC with 70% of the coating on the outside of the base fabric and 30% on the inside, so you get more PVC coating where you need it most. The AIREcell technology allows them to use non-airtight 37 oz. PVC which is more resistant to punctures, tears, and the general punishment it receives on the water. Why? Manufacturing airtight PVC requires longer exposure to high temperatures, which weakens the base polyester. AIRE finishes their PVC with an acrylic lacquer. This finish provides UV protection from hot days in the sun and adds significant abrasion resistance. For three years leading up to 2017, they worked with Ferrari on developing a new double layer finish for the gray fabric used on the undersides and chafe strips of AIRE rafts and catarafts.

AIRE rafts are broken down into several series. The Puma series turns whitewater, big or small, into your own personal playground. Enhanced with narrow beams, high rockers, and a continuous curve design, these zippy, durable boats are built to play in waves and run tight lines. The Cub was built to be the ultimate river playboat. At around 10.5 feet, the Cub is a sporty, and nimble raft for tons of fun. The “R” series is AIRE’s best, most stable all-around whitewater boat—ready to run big water. The “round” design, with its large tube diameters and long water lines, offers maximum stability and stiffness. The “E” series is for more technical, narrow, rocky rivers where the “elliptical” design delivers excellent maneuverability. The “D” series AIRE rafts are quick on the water and feature a “diminished” bow and stern tube diameter to put you close to the action. The “DD” series features a shorter waterline for responsive handling and extra width for added stability. The rocker and shape of the bow and stern climb up and over waves like a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

AIRE also offers rafts in the Tributary line. Tributary rafts are safe, well-built rafts at a reasonable price point. Tributary rafts come in sizes to suit paddlers from thrill-seeking R2 paddle teams, up to long rowing expedition crews. Tributary rafts are like AIRE rafts in a lot of ways. They use Leafield C7 valves, have a PVC shell and quality D-rings and replaceable handles. They’re built to last a long time and let you have fun out on the water. The smallest Tributary raft measures 9’ 8” and the largest comes in around 16’. Depending on the raft, the guide and the crew, they can be used on small creeky river days up to long expedition trips.

Whatever AIRE raft you choose, you are buying quality and superior performance. So, plan a river trip with your friends and family, grab your boat, and have a great time on the river! Questions on which AIRE raft is right for you? Just give us a call! Also check our full line of rafting accessories, raft frames, rafting oars, and full camp kitchen.