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Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks: Over 50 Years of Quality and Affordability

The Hoge family started Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks back in 1968. They are located 60 miles east of New York City on Long Island. Since their start, Sea Eagle has focused on building high quality inflatable kayaks to be available to everyone at a reasonable price. Starting with a 2-person inflatable Sea Eagle kayak called the Pyrawa, through the years their line-up has grown to include touring kayaks, SUPs, motor mount boats and transom boats that could take up to 25 HP engines. By continuing to introduce new model boats as well as expanding their promotions and advertising efforts, Sea Eagle has grown into the well-known brand that it is today.

Get Ready to Hit the Water with Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat Packages

One of the biggest advantages to a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak is that it's sold in a package with almost everything you need to get your inflatable out on the water. Just don't forget to pick up a life jacket before you get there! Sea Eagle kayaks will even usually include a pump to inflate the boat, paddle(s), and a storage/transportation bag. There will also sometimes be a "Deluxe" model as well as "Pro" and "Pro Carbon" models – and these usually come with upgraded seats and paddle(s).

Find Your Perfect Inflatable Watercraft with Sea Eagle's Diverse Line-up

Just like most other inflatable boat manufacturers, Sea Eagle designs and labels specific boats for flat water, open water touring, or whitewater depending on hull design and its construction. They even have a few models designed for the kayak fisherman. The Sea Eagle kayak line-up currently includes 10 different inflatable kayaks, 6 different inflatable SUPs, 2 inflatable pontoon fishing boats, an inflatable canoe and 5 different inflatable fishing, motor mount and transom boats that will take up to 25 HP engines.

Experience Quality, Affordability, and Reliability with a Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

Whether you are looking for a sleek high-pressure inflatable to cover distances with a smooth glide or a 2-person fishing vessel that will let you stand up on it as well as fold down to fit in your trunk, there's a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak just for you! The family at Sea Eagle has dedicated their lives to designing, manufacturing and thoroughly testing each and every one of their products in order to bring you the very best. And after many years of introducing new and unique kinds of inflatable crafts, the Sea Eagle brand name has become synonymous with quality, affordability, reliability and excellent customer service.

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