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Attack the river using STAR Inflatable Kayaks. You can filter by price range, size, capacity, or color to find your perfect STAR Inflatable Kayak.

Star Inflatable Kayaks has been in business since 1993. The label has been synonymous with quality and value, in both product and service, since its beginnings as All River Equipment. In 2017, NRS acquired the STAR brand with the commitment to continue STAR’s legacy. While NRS has always been known for building premium inflatable watercraft, the Star line will enable it to offer a better price-point while offering additional models. The Star brand allowed NRS to expand their manufacturing capabilities and to build high-quality inflatable boats at prices within reach of a broader range of consumers.

Star inflatable kayaks are available in flatwater as well as whitewater designs. You’ll find some models offered in both a solo and tandem version. No matter what your paddling needs are, there’s a Star IK to float your boat. See what we did there? We’ll go over some popular models below.

When it comes to flatwater fun, you’ll love the Star Paragon Inflatable Kayak. The solo and tandem models both feature keel inserts in the bow and stern as well as a removable skeg making for incredible tracking and speed. With 16 more inches of length, the Star Paragon XL IK has the hauling capacity for extended flatwater tours with the same tracking and efficiency of the solo and tandem Paragon. All 3 models handle and track like a hard-shell but feature the stow-ability we've grown to love from an inflatable kayak. They’re even equipped with bungee deck rigging for storing kayak gear while keeping it accessible to the paddler. When you’re ready to cover the distance with an easy glide, check out the Star Paragon Inflatable Kayak.

If you are looking for a kayak that is at home on flatwater as well as class III whitewater, check out the Star Raven I Inflatable Kayak.The solo Star Raven I, or tandem II, give you unlimited possibilities for fun and adventure on the water. From whitewater thrills to relaxing afternoon floats, the versatile Raven's stable yet responsive design makes it fun to paddle on any river. The padded folding seat provides a strong and comfortable paddling position while the self-bailing design drains water quickly. Superior abrasion resistance, longevity and air retention are exactly what you’ll get with the Raven IK.

When you are ready to challenge your skills and hit the rapids on your local whitewater run, check out the NRS Raven I Pro Inflatable Kayak. The Star Raven I Pro Inflatable Kayak is a playful performance kayak for river running fun. The pronounced rocker rides easily over waves and the included foot braces and thigh straps make the Raven Pro easy to charge more challenging whitewater. The drop-stitch floor inflates rock hard for superior wave-punching performance while the wide width gives you extra stability when the water gets rough. The high-back kayak seat secures to drain holes in the floor so you’ll stay in place as you hit those bigger drops. 

If you’re feeling more playful on those bigger whitewater runs, you’ll love the Star Viper Inflatable Kayak. Inflatable bow and stern displacement chambers add flotation to help the Viper resurface quickly in holes, while the responsive, high-performance design of the hull flies over waves, punches holes, surfs and turns. Top-deck profile makes the boat possible to roll, and the self-bailing design drains water quickly. The included thigh straps lock you in for eddy turns, surfing, bracing, and even rolling. Push your playboating limits with the Star Viper and turn your regular run into a new big water adventure.

No matter how you love to kayak, there’s a Star IK for you. Superior abrasion resistance, longevity and air retention all at a great value. That’s Star inflatable kayaks. Not sure which Star IK is best for you? Just give us a call! And don't forget to check out our paddles, lifejackets, paddling clothing, and other camping gear!