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Waterproof Dry Bags For Kayaking, Rafting, and Watersports

Nearly anyone who works or plays in or around the water will find good use for a dry bag. These waterproof bags keep essential items dry and secure, no matter the conditions. Whether sized for a phone or an expedition’s worth of gear, these ultra-tough bags are an essential piece of equipment that give any kayaker or rafter peace of mind when they need it the most.

Paddling dry bags are manufactured in a variety of sizes. 5 and 10-liter dry bags are perfect for small items such as a wallet or toiletry kit while a few days of clothes and a small sleeping bag might fit into a 20 or 30-liter dry bag. For longer trips, most manufacturers provide an option for an enormous 100-liter plus dry bag, many of which have a full backpack-style harness for carrying your pack in a portage or during travel.

Kayak dry bags traditionally have a roll-top style closure, in which two bands of rubber at the opening are pressed together to form a seal and then top is rolled and secured into place with one or more buckles. They are generally shaped like a cylinder and accessed from the top of the bag. Other dry bags have begun using a zipper seal, which is similar to the zip tops on a heavy-duty plastic freezer bags, which make purging extra air much easier. Some manufacturers have included one-way valves built into the dry bag as another way of removing excess air.

Alongside waterproof dry bags, there are a number of hard-sided waterproof cases available for a wide array of electronic equipment. Whether you need to keep water and grit out of your nice camera or keep your satellite phone in pristine condition, most dry boxes allow for a custom fit of your gear to protect sensitive electronics from the rigors of outdoor life.

No matter how long of a day you have out on the water, there’s no reason to sleep in a wet sleeping bag or sacrifice your camera because you “thought” you waterproofed everything.

Check out our selection of top quality dry bags from brands such as NRS, Watershed, and Seal Line! Water can move mountains, but with a little extra preparation and a good dry bag, you will be prepared for whatever mother nature might throw your way!