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Whether you’re new to rafting, or a long time whitewater river regular, buying your own raft is a great investment. Owning your own raft means that you will have much more freedom when determining the river and timing for your next rafting trip. It’s important to determine your purpose before buying a whitewater raft. The larger the raft, the more people and gear it can carry. The smaller the boat, the more nimble and maneuverable it will probably be and the more exciting the ride in whitewater. However, if you overload that smaller boat with too much rafting gear, you may well find that it is less maneuverable, which is especially important on smaller more technical rivers. If you’re planning rafting mostly day trips, a 12 to 13 foot raft is comfortable for a maximum of up to five or six people. A 14 or 15 raft will work well for up to seven or eight people. Now, for multi-day trips where you want to take more gear and people, you'll need something bigger. For these type of trips up to seven days, plan on a 13 to 14 foot raft for two people. For three or four adults, you’re looking at a 14 to 16 raft. If you have any rafting questions, just give us a call. Our customer service team is here to help.