Kayak Paddling Booties

When kayaking, it is important to protect your feet from rocks and other dangers with a pair of paddling neoprene booties or other kayak shoes! In addition to quality kayak clothing, a good pair of kayaking booties is a must for all types of boaters. Kayak booties keep your feet warm and comfortable while scrambling on shore. Many neoprene booties include a convenient side entry zipper that makes it simple to put on over bare feet, wetsocks or kayak drysuit socks. A kayak bootie provides you with the confidence you need to walk on shore with all your gear knowing you have solid traction. Paddling booties come available in varying sole thickness so that you can choose the right pair for your next adventure. Check out our top neoprene bootie vendors like Astral, Kokatat, Stohlquist, and NRS.

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