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Neoprene wetsuit pants will keep you warm while kayaking or paddling. Filter by price range, size, gender, brand, or color to find the perfect pair of neoprene wetsuit bottoms for your next adventure.

One of the most popular watersports products is neoprene wetsuit pants. Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber produced by chloroprene polymerization. It is chemically stable, and in its closed cell form, neoprene is waterproof, cushioning, and holds in heat. It will maintain flexibility over various temperatures, making it a perfect material for watersports. Traditionally, oil has been the raw material used in the manufacturing process of neoprene. NRS, however, uses a more environmentally conscientious material called Terraprene in their HydroSkin line. Terraprene neoprene is made from plentiful limestone rocks and is more buoyant, warmer, lighter, and offers more stretch than traditional neoprene. No matter which neoprene you choose, neoprene wet suit pants are a great addition to your kayak gear.

Sometimes, you don’t need a full neoprene wetsuit or drysuit for a day out on the water. Manufacturers offer neoprene wetsuit pants and shirts or jackets as a multi-piece option. Wetsuit pants can be worn as an outer garment or layering piece under splash pants on cold or windy days. Kayaking bottoms don’t breathe, so if you are prone to sweating, you might want to wear a wicking layer underneath to keep moisture away from your skin and prevent you from getting chilly. These neoprene pants work like a full wetsuit by trapping a layer of water between the neoprene and your skin. Your body heat warms up this pocket of water and air inside the neoprene pants for insulation.

Manufacturers are now designing wetsuit bottoms for both men and women. Traditionally, the men’s wetsuit pants are longer, and the waist and hip measurements are closer in size, making a more box-like shape in the seat. The women’s wetsuit pants will usually be shorter, and the hips will flare out from the waist, creating a more triangular shape in the seat. Depending on your lower body shape, you can choose which would offer you the best fit. You’ll find a sizing chart on each page as well.

You will also see a variation in the thickness of the neoprene of these wet suit pants. Anywhere from .5mm to 2mm thick gives you comfort and stretch. You’ll also see that the HydroSkin Terraprene neoprene from NRS comes in a .5mm and 1.5mm thickness. The thinner the garment, the more flexibility but slightly less warmth. But all are comfortable sitting in a kayak for long periods.

When you need a bit more warmth but don’t want to wear a full wetsuit, look at the wetsuit bottoms. If you are sitting below the waterline in a kayak, constantly getting splashed on a raft, or sitting in a wet seat on your sit-on-top, neoprene wetsuit trousers can be all the difference between a fun day on the water or a grumpy, chilly one! Why take that chance? Just put on your wetsuit bottoms! Questions on what’s right for you? Just give us a call!

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