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Shop our selection of NRS HydroSkin Apparel below! See why everyone is saying this is the best paddlesports layering around! Designed specifically for rafting and kayaking.

The first time I heard about NRS HydroSkin apparel was about 20 years ago. I was on a weekend outdoor retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We were kayaking, mountain biking, rafting, and every morning starting out our day with a bit of yoga. I remember one of the days having a fantastic morning stretch that ran a bit over time because of the most amazing views and the general vibe and connection we were having.  As I was frantically changing to get down to the river, I remembered that our yoga instructor was also our kayak guide for the day. Lucky day! I got down to the water and there she was in the same shirt and shorts that she was wearing for yoga! Before I could censor myself, I burst out, "You're going to freeze!" thinking she was wearing thin yoga attire. She laughed back "Not at all! This NRS HydroSkin!"

"HydroSkin? What's HydroSkin?" I asked. She explained that it was like a stretchy, thin environmentally friendly wetsuit-like material by NRS. I was so hooked! I can honestly say that I've been buying NRS HydroSkin apparel since she first introduced me to it and have probably purchased every style that NRS makes, or has made, since. HydroSkin has evolved over the years and has only gotten better!  Currently their Terraprene neoprene is made from limestone, which totally blows my mind, and comes in thicknesses of  .5 mm up to 2 mm depending on the garment. This makes for mix and match layering pieces that can be worn as outer layers on warmer days when you just need a bit of insulation to block the chill or even as a middle layer on colder days. 

The thinnest NRS HydroSkin is the .5 mm. This thickness, or should I say thinness, offers the most 4-way stretch to maximize movement. The Terraprene neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium laminate  locks in your body's warmth to provide insulation comparable to 2 mm traditional neoprene. The .5 mm NRS HydroSkin can be found in heat heater's, socks, gloves, long sleeve and short sleeved shirts, jackets, and pants with some being specifically cut and color-blocked for men and women. You'll find the thicker 1 mm in men's and women's long sleeve shirts. You'll find the 1.5 mm thickness for men's and women's jackets and pants and the 2 mm in a few styles of unisex gloves.

For quality paddling garments that can be combined in multiple ways to handle varying weather or water temperatures and conditions look no further than HydroSkin from NRS. These pieces should be in every boater's gear bag for fun on the water, or off! Kayaking, rafting, SUPping, canoeing, SUP yoga, kayak fishing, you name it… And HydroSkin is perfect for it!