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Camping is the perfect way to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your family and friends. Leaving all your worries at home, camping gives you the freedom and perspective to truly relax and enjoy the important things in life.

Types of Camping

Camping can be enjoyed in countless different ways, from backpacking to RV camping, and there is something for everyone. Backpacking entails packing your camping gear and taking to the trails to enjoy untouched nature in this unique way to experience the outdoors. Backpacking requires lightweight gear and ample preparation, but provides an experience unlike any other. Car camping can be considered the one of the most accessible forms of camping, and involves setting up your tent at a designated campground to relax and enjoy your time away from home. Car camping doesn’t require as much preparation or focus on equipment making it perfect for anyone!

Who's doing it?

Getting out and enjoying the wilderness is almost universally enjoyed and camping is the perfect way to do it! Whether you want to spend weeks out in the wild, take the family out for the weekend, or anything in between then camping is for you.

Five essential pieces of camping gear

The selection of camping gear can seem a little intimidating, but we will make sure that you have everything you need with this list of essentials. Below are the top five things you will need to get started.

  1. Tent - You are going to need shelter wherever you go to camp, so make sure that you have a good tent. When picking a tent make sure to consider how many people will be using the tent and what time of year you will be using it.
  2. Sleeping Bag - Make sure to stay warm and comfortable while you camp with a good sleeping bag. There are a ton of different types, so focus on the temperature rating that will suit the temperature in the area you will be camping.
  3. Sleeping Pad - A sleeping pad may not seem essential, but getting a good night's sleep can help you make the best of your experience. Sleeping pads come in many different thicknesses and weights to suit your camping style and desired comfort.
  4. Lighting - It’s dark out there, so make sure you have a good headlamp or lantern for navigating your campsite during the evening.
  5. Stove - Elevate your camping experience with delicious warm cooked meals! We all have to eat, so make sure to get a good stove. Camp stoves vary in size and weight to cater to any camping style, from backpacking stoves that will fit in your bag to multi-burner stoves that can cook meals for your whole family.

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