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NRS - Northwest River Supply

When it comes to making top-notch river gear, you can’t get more authentic than NRS. They’re the real deal and have been since day one.

Four decades ago, a passionate river runner and idealistic business professor named Bill Parks set out to prove that the good ethics he taught in the classroom would work in the real world. So, in 1972, he put both his money and morals where his mouth was and made his passion for the water his business, Northwest River Supply, now know worldwide as NRS. Starting with $2,000 from his savings, he stocked an inventory of kayaking and rafting gear in his garage and typed out the first Northwest River Supplies catalog.

NRS has grown a lot since Bill punched out the first NRS catalog, but the company has always remained true to his original ideals. Since the day it shipped off the first “purpose-built dry bag” for boaters back in 1974, the NRS name has stood for rugged, user-focused paddling equipment built to the standards of professional outfitters and guides. As well, NRS continues to uphold a positive approach to business that has benefited both its customer and wider community while outperforming the exploitative practices of many conventional companies.

At Outdoorplay, we’re extremely proud to say we’ve been working with NRS to sell paddling gear since the day we opened for business in 1995. Like NRS, we are a company founded and operated by passionate river runners, and we love nothing more than to set people up with the right kayak gear to enhance their adventures on the water. Call us at 800-994-4327 to speak to one of our paddling representatives Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm PST.

Our robust NRS kayak gear offering includes:

We stand by the NRS brand and 100% guarantee the product.

Here’s why:

  1. Ultimate Utility
NRS calls their commitment to manufacturing professional-grade kayak equipment Ultimate Utility. On their company site, they write that “Ultimate utility is about more than building rugged gear that gets the job done. It’s about purpose-driven, user-focused solutions that enhance experiences on the water. It’s about versatility for changing conditions and multiple activities, with the technical sophistication and visual appeal of the best outdoor gear for any sport.”

Nothing speaks to their “Ultimate Utility” mission statement better than the innovative NRS HydroSkin neoprene layering system. Call us to learn more.

  1. Employee-Owned

If Bill Parks, at approximately 80yrs old, had decided to sell NRS to the highest bidder, no one would’ve faulted the man. But that’s not what happened. Instead, Bill helped finance a deal to sell the company to his employees. In 2014, NRS became 100% employee owned.

Selling the company to his employees was the natural extension of the very principles NRS was founded upon, and employee ownership has made NRS an even better company.

On the company site, they explain “how eager workers can become caring owners, how small ideas can lead to big improvements, how a stake in the outcome makes every decision more meaningful. Every NRS employee-owner is personally responsible for the company’s performance, from customer service to dealer support to product development and quality control.”