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Kayak Water Shoes

Water shoes are for serious kayak and rafting adventurers who depend on their feet to carry them through any rugged situation. These are not your Mama's paddling water shoes! With special designs, you'll find these kayak water shoes can take you though the most gnarly portages, or just for an afternoon stroll through the creek bed. Kayak and rafting water shoes feature self-draining holes along the soles so your feet will dry out in no time. The lightweight construction of most paddling water shoes eliminate materials that hold water and odor, making for a very light shoe. Sticky rubber soles create a fine balance between friction and traction. Many kayaking water shoes vent hot air through mesh fabrics. We consider the best kayak and rafting water shoes to be made by NRS and Astral.

Here at Outdoorplay, we are lifetime kayakers. We love kayaking and want to help you get on the water. Call us at 800-994-4327 with any questions you have on kayak gear. We're available Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm and Saturday-Sunday from 8am to 4pm PST.